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5 Ways Asana Can Improve Business Productivity

Asana’s tagline is, “teamwork without email.” At first, this seems crazy; email is an integral part of modern business practices, and removing it seems like a step back, not forward. Asana, however, was designed from the ground up to be a business connection interface that is project-based and, in essence, a one-stop solution for an online business workspace with unparalleled connectivity and focus. Asana is a versatile program with a lot to offer. This article is an introduction to some of the most basic ways that Asana can improve your business productivity.

It provides one tool for business collaboration

This is Asana’s main selling point. Most business is conducted across a huge variety of programs, ranging from email services, word documents, spreadsheets, electronic calendars and planners, and so many more. Asana offers an all-in-one solution for all of these things, offering a schedule, communication service, and workspace in a single place. All information is directly connected to the project it is concerned with and all communication works along channels that are specific to the projects they are attached to. It also allows managers to organize their project groups and interact with each of them from the same interface.

Management with “projects”

The project interface is one of the most in-depth features of Asana. It allows managers to assign specific tasks, communicate with employees about those tasks, assign deadlines and milestones, create roadmaps, and comment on in-progress work, all of which is available to whoever the manager designates as able to see it. Additionally, it has tools for online meetings, and for creating agendas and schedules.

Plan your day with “my tasks”

Anyone who uses Asana, whether they are a worker or a manager, can use the “my tasks” interface to organize your workload and set tasks for yourself to complete. It’s organized into three sections – new, current, and upcoming tasks. The interface is easy to use and connects to a Chrome extension, so it’s very simple to add tasks from a personal checklist or outside email address.

Create workflows with “sections”

Asana allows users to customize the way that information appears and is distributed throughout a project group. It also allows you to divide tasks as you see fit between stages, steps, priorities, and individuals. All of these are done through a drag and drop interface that is intuitive and easy to learn. The sections tool is great for making content roadmaps, blogs and sales pipelines, as well as for tracking recruiting and applicant information.

Reduce email and optimize communication

Let’s face it – email can be pretty inefficient. Although it’s certainly better than requiring constant conference calls or face-to-face meetings, a lot of information goes through the average employee’s email and the potential for things to slip through the cracks is enormous. Asana addresses this problem by attaching relevant communication directly to the project it concerns. This is a really important step toward putting all relevant information in a single place and making it easy to access to everyone who needs it.

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  • Jannet

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