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5 WordPress Themes Designed For Businesses

WordPress is a great tool for managing a business. It’s a versatile and powerful designed platform with thousands of options for customization of style, layout, features, and extensions. One of the first and most critical choices one must make when using WordPress is the theme. Picking one can be understandably challenging, with the plethora of options. This article is here to help with an overview of five themes that are all great for businesses.

Creative portfolio

As the name might suggest, this theme is ideal for people who have an interest in creating a professional portfolio. Of the themes on this list, it has some of the most flexible features and allows users to customize their front page and content very easily. This makes it ideal for artists, designers, and other professionals looking for a way to display their work in an online environment. It has unparalleled options for layouts, sidebars, and content maps. Creative portfolio costs $175.


Fortune’s tagline is, “Clean, fast & intuitive” and there’s really no better way to describe it. Fortune’s design revolves around simple, vibrant colors, hard, straight lines and simple sans-serif fonts. It’s ideal for businesses and modern professionals, and relies a lot on a modernist aesthetic similar to the latest updates of Google Chrome and Microsoft Office. It also has a full-width design feature, which allows users to show videos or images across the entirety of a screen for presentations and other uses. Fortune also comes with a dedicated testimonials archive to easily display what customers or clients are saying about the business. Fortune costs $150.


Purpose was created to showcase the meaning behind a business or brand. It’s a modern aesthetic, again, and ideal for businesses. It also has elements of customization that are usually found more in artistic-aimed themes. Purpose uses a three-column portfolio page template to showcase projects or artwork. It also has a built-in slideshow for featuring photos or images on the front page outside of a photo album or project directory. Purpose also features seamless development for mobile devices, particularly in re-sizing images to fit perfectly on mobile screens. The cost of Purpose is $69.


Nowell is an affordable option for creating classic small-business websites. Although it doesn’t have the power or versatility of other themes, it really shines in its user-friendly interface and the ease of use with which it can be used to develop. It has a couple options ideal for small businesses, such as a featured archive of images on the front page and support for computers and mobile devices. Nowell costs $29.


Sela has a more creative format than other themes. It features vibrant, bold colors and open, clean spaces-ideal for large images. The developers of Sela call it a, “perfect canvas to tell your company’s story.” It’s adaptive to multiple screen sizes, making it easy to develop for both desktops and mobile devices. It also offers built-in connections to social media, as well as a site logo feature, and options to customize menus on other aspects of the website. Best of all, Sela is free to download.

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