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Social media is a must these days. With the meteoric rise of mobile – and in particular smartphone – technology in the last several years, social media networks have gotten bigger, faster, and more important than ever before. For a small business owner, maintaining a social media presence is absolutely critical, and it can mean the difference between success and failure in a business venture. Knowing how to use social media, and in particular social media marketing, is an absolutely necessary first step toward successfully running a small business in this day and age. This article is a look at some of the most common and effective social media marketing tactics that small businesses can easily use to generate revenue.

Target an audience

Understand one's audience is a marketing tactic that pre-dates social media by a long, long time. However, social media has made it easier to reach more people within that target audience. This means that a small business's advertisement and marketing can be specifically targeted at a group or kind of individual. This is the cornerstone of several other marketing practices found in this list and beyond.

Content, content, content

SEO offers a lot of ways to increase hits on a website and generate traffic on the internet side of a business. However, a lot of SEO practices can be very transparent, especially the ones that rely on a large amount of mediocre content. Relying on this kind of SEO, will turn people off your website in the long run, and it's better to have a smaller amount of solid content, than a large amount of shoddy content.

Be active and pick the right social media platform

This goes back to targeting and audience. Do most of your customers use one social network or another one? Make sure you're using the one (or multiple ones) that will reach the people you want your marketing to reach. Additionally, it's a necessity to provide regular updates and keep users and customers coming back for more with frequent – and interesting – updates.

Use analytics

You may think that you understand your audience, but it's best to be sure. Using several services available online, learn as much about your customers as you can, to better appeal to what they want and what they like. Additionally, analytics let you look through feedback thoroughly to identify trends and patterns you can use to improve your business to appeal to your customer base better. With these four basics to social media success, you can begin to build a presence for your business online. Have your own tip? Please share in the comments!


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