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Prioritizing work can be really hard. Even though the internet is a great tool for finding information and communicating, it can also be very distracting. Fortunately, there are lots of tools out there for improving productivity and keeping you focused on the work at hand. The amount of companies offering tools are many, so how are you to know which ones are best? This article is an introduction to some of the newest, hottest, and best-designed productivity tools out there.


The biggest feature of PushBullet is that it connects all your devices making them, as the product's tagline states, feel like they're a single device. Pushbullet allows you to do more than just email yourself a link from your phone to your computer. It also has features like sharing phone calls, texts, and emails seamlessly from one device to the next.


IFTTT is a service that creates mobile and computer apps. These apps work from a generic framework the company calls “recipes,” which fall into two categories: “Do” and “If Then”. “Do” recipes allow users to create what is essentially a new virtual button for their device – for example, a “Do” button might turn lights on a device (or in a home that the device is connected to) on or off with just a touch. “If Then” recipes are fairly self-explanatory; if a condition is met, another thing happens. For example, a popular “If Then” recipe is one that, when a photo is posted on instagram, it automatically saves it to Dropbox.


RainDrop is a bookmark extension app for browsers and mobile devices. It's more advanced than ordinary bookmarks because it distinguishes different kinds of content. Articles, for example, are saved with a bookmark while other content like videos, images, and blogs are saved differently.

Last Pass

Last Pass is, quite simply, a website that remembers your passwords so that you don't have to. This sounds risky – having all your passwords in one place that is – but their servers are highly encrypted, meaning that the only password you'll need to remember is the one to their website.


CloudMagic is an email app that's actually won awards for its design. What's really interesting about it,   is that it allows you to access all your email accounts from the same place. It also syncs with a cloud (as the name might suggest) meaning that it stores data that you can access from anywhere you can get an internet connection. Besides that, it's got a snazzy professional design that you can easily customize to whatever you'd like it to look like. Check out these 5 tools the next time you have a spare minute and see how they can improve your productivity. Are there any other tools you would add? Let us know below!


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