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When running a business and building an online presence, there is a vast amount of opportunity waiting at your fingertips. This opportunity can be capitalized on more efficiently with the use of the right tools. Whether you are designing a presentation of your latest research findings, or tracking how your brand is being represented online through all sites, you can get easy and efficient tools to make optimization much easier than ever before. Here are 5 such tools that can help.


Canva is an online application for creating designs for all kinds of media including headers, presentations, blog graphics, inforgraphics and more. It's free and easy to use, having a very user-friendly interface that is focused on drag-and-drop placement and the curation of images. You can upload your own photos, as well as browse their collection of images, in templates designed for specific and common online uses. Easily design professional graphics to engage and inform your audience with Canva.


MindMeister is described by its developers as a brainstorming tool. It combines the functionality of allowing users to lay out ideas visually, with the collaborative aspects of something like GoogleDocs that can be viewed and edited by all participating members. This can help you communicate and collaborate with other business partners or employees anywhere, at anytime.


Wufoo is an online application that allows users to create their own forms. This is useful for anyone creating a database of any kind, whether that's a mailing list for a journal subscription or a database for an online quiz. The application itself is very user-oriented and takes care of the majority of the scripting and security challenges that go along with running an online database. Additionally, they act as a payment processor, making forms which require payment easier than ever.


Keeping track of an online reputation can be hard, especially for small businesses that don't have the luxury of a dedicated marketing department. Mention is a free application that tracks, aggregates, and analyzes a company's online brand presence through phrases. It's a very easy system to use and it gathers a lot of useful data that a small business might have difficulty accessing or assessing otherwise. Save time you might spend scouring the web to find your latest reviews, and let Mention do the work for you.


Drinkle's biggest draw is that it is an all-in-one business tool. It has functionality as a project management tool, a task scheduler, and several other features. It allows live connections so that people working on the same project can interface and compare notes in real time. It also has tools for customer relationship management, stock management, creating spreadsheets and creating and moderating activity boards. This can be a great tool to enhance multiple functions within your business. Give these 5 tools a try to help gain some of your time back, while at the same time increasing your efficiency and potentially, your profitability. Have any other tools you would suggest or recommend? Let us know below!


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