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6 Tips For SEO Linking Building In 2015

Links are an integral part of SEO that are just as important as other factors like keyword optimization. But, how is it done properly? Link building has gotten a bad rap in the last several years as a result of the massive influxes of spam-bots and other techniques used by more disreputable websites. There are a lot of people out there who, for very good reason, will equate all link building with spam, but that’s more of an over-simplification. Link building can be done in a way that is natural, successful, and most importantly, promotes your website. This article is an introduction to a few tips on how to make your links natural and successful, while also promoting SEO.

Going slightly off topic occasionally can help

The biggest consideration with making natural links, is for them to be relevant to one another. If you link to a site, or if a site links to yours, that connection should be obvious – topically, the websites should be similar. However, a topic doesn’t need to be exactly the same and a link doesn’t need to lead to a website exactly like the one it came from. All that matters is that the connection feels natural and not like someone trying to take you somewhere you’ll lose your money. Sometimes going off topic about a current trend or hot topic can be very helpful.

Get links from real sites

There are plenty of websites out there willing to link their site to yours. Unfortunately, a lot of those sites are also bogus. Perhaps the most important step of proper link building is to make sure you get links from sites that have real content on them. Besides being dishonest, linking to phishing or spamming sites will generally result in your site actually suffering in terms of SEO. Google’s algorithms for search returns have become very unfriendly toward websites participating in spam campaigns like those. That’s why natural links are so important, and linking to and from sites with real content is vital to a link building SEO effort.

Don’t ask for links

Begging for links isn’t going to work out for anyone. Let your link building work a little more subtly; join social networks to get your content noticed, work alongside other web developers who have similar content, and polish your website to make it stand out. Once you have a significant content base, earn links from authority websites in your industry. At that point, asking for links is probably alright, but it’s still a step that should be taken lightly, since it’s essentially asking someone else to endorse your content now and in the future.

Have content worth linking to

This is probably the most important step for link building. Unfortunately, it’s not a trick or a technique that can be mastered easily, but the fact of the matter is that having worthwhile content is, ultimately, the best way to build links. If you have good content and other people like it, they’ll want to make sure that more people know about it. That’s the essence of link building.

Avoid low quality PR and advertorials

Something that can really make your website look unprofessional is obvious advertising and badly designed PR. If you have anything like that, make sure it’s professional and unobtrusive. Otherwise, you might – quite rightly – be labeled as a spam website.

Don’t forget social

While may seasoned SEO experts will tell you that social sharing doesn’t pass any “link juice” due to the nofollow nature of social networks, social links can definitely give you a boost. With the power of social, if you post your link in a tweet, pin, update, post, or any other name for it, it has the opportunity to be shared more. Each time someone repins, reshares, or retweets this, this generates another backlink on another profile. Plus it gives the link more visibility to more eyeballs and will hopefully send you more traffic.

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