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Google ' s Digital Garage Sets Out to Help Small Businesses

Starting this week, Google will be contributing to a large-scale project to aid the UK's 50 million small businesses. The event is called “Small Business Saturday,” and it's, in part, a series of workshops and talks that will be given throughout the year specifically addressing the owners and employees of small businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

Google’s Digital Garage

The first day of talks was on Wednesday April 1, where Google launched a feature in the UK called “Digital Garage” as their contribution to this topic. The intention of Digital Garage is to entice small businesses to take their business online. Why is

Business Online a Good Idea?

For a number of reasons, doing business online is a great idea for small and medium businesses. For one, online business means that a business isn't necessarily tied to a physical location, so that in a time when real estate is at a premium, businesses can be run out of smaller offices or even homes. Furthermore, online business allows small and medium ventures to appeal to an audience that they might not reach otherwise, especially if they're situated in a smaller community or don't have a lot of money for marketing. SEO, social media, and being mobile-friendly, are all factors that are becoming more and more important for smaller businesses if they want to stay competitive.

How Does Digital Garage Work?

But what is Digital Garage, exactly, and what does it have to do with Small Business Saturday? Well, simply put, Digital Garage is a platform for online training. It's a flexible tool that will allow employees, supervisors, trainers, and managers to connect in real time over the internet. It will have support through one on one mentoring, as well as classroom-style presentations. It's especially important that this tool uses the internet, because the internet has become such a hugely important facet of conducting business. As such, in addition to providing a platform for teaching other important skills of business, Digital Garage also has built-in tools for teaching digital know-how, and can be easily customized to serve a particular business's needs and online protocols. Digital Garage is an upcoming program that is being tested out now in the UK with Small Business Saturday, and will likely be available in the rest of the world sometime in 2016. Want to get your business online? Check out our plans to see which fits your needs. Have any questions? Feel free to start a live chat or give us a call!


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