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How to Improve Your Website with Video

Video is an easy and compelling feature to add to a website that can provide a high return on investment. Visitors are often very attracted to video content on websites because it breaks up the tedium of text and images, and stimulates both sight and hearing in an active way. Because of these features, many websites are now turning to videos to boost their traffic and generally improve the overall quality of their content. This article is an overview of several popular ways to include video on your website.

"About us" video

People with a moderate amount of interest in your website and content will probably want to know a little bit more about the person creating it. In that case, why not speak directly to your site visitors rather than through text? Videos in an “about” section can show that you're creative, interesting, and unique. Additionally, a video is a bit more personal because it shows your face and lets other people hear your voice, which they don't get through text.

Video blogging

Blogging is a popular method for expressing ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Video can spice blogging up by making it a direct address from you, to your followers. It's a great way to show your personality, to highlight the importance of an issue, and to show that the video topic is something you care about a lot.

Product demos

Written instructions are fine, but many people – especially visual learners – appreciate step-by-step instructions with the additional aid of a visual representation of what's being done. Product demos and tutorials via video are quickly becoming regular facets of many stores' online presence.

Media highlights

Once your business has gained a bit of recognition (on television, in online newscasts, in other people's video blogs, etc.) then you can start to assemble these credits into a highlight reel of times you have been mentioned in other media. Organizing these clips can show how much your website has grown and how people have positively reacted to it in the past.

Dedicated video page

Once you have enough video content, create a repository for it on your website. This will serve as an archive for people who are interested in something specific, and has additional uses for designers and artists who want to show off their online portfolio in a specific layout. As a final note, try using a list builder extension for this kind of project and make sure to include video titles, tags, and descriptions to improve your SEO. These are 5 effective ways that you can incorporate video into your web presence. From introducing yourself face-to-face, to showing a real life demo of your latest product, video can bring your business to the next level.


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