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Must-See WordPress Themes

  Wordpress Various Colorful Shapes It’s time for another selection of must-see WordPress themes! This week we are focused on themes which are made for business. Whether you are just creating your WordPress site, or want to update your existing one, browse through these themes and take note of what each has to offer. All 5 of these are amongst the best themes available currently and may just have the feel you have been searching for. Save time sorting through the hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes out there, and simply check in here each week for the latest and greatest.

Here are this week’s 5:


Divi is a theme with a modern design and a responsive layout. Its designers have included many video tutorials about how to use Divi to make just about any kind of page, making it a very user-friendly theme. Divi also includes 18 pre-made layouts for easy use and a quick start if you don't want to build your own. Divi costs $69 and comes packaged with several other themes. Learn more here:


Lavish is an elegant theme designed with businesses in mind. It has a beautiful selection of typography and its minimalist design fits in with the clean, corporate aesthetic that is popular with a lot of businesses these days. It supports an advanced contacts page for websites that use subscription forms or other kinds of data entry. Lavish costs $49. Link:

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor has a design based off the Cherry and Bootstrap Frameworks, which is a popular style of business format. It has an impressive blog feature and an integrated audio player ideal for podcasts and recorded meetings. Financial Advisor costs $75 per licensed site. Link:


Maximus's claim to fame is its impressive mobile connectivity. A lot of themes are still playing catchup trying to tap into the mobile market, so it's good to know that the theme you'll be using can support the burgeoning mobile market. Maximus costs $48. Link:


Rocco has a flexible, minimalist design. It offers a creative interface with a lot of options and a neat design, without becoming too obtrusive. It's a great choice for novice WordPress users because of its user-friendly features and documentation. Rocco costs $48. Link: Check out these 5 themes to potentially find the right on for your site. Hopefully this article has helped you narrow down your options!    


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