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5 Awesome Small Business WordPress Plugins

As most business owners know, WordPress is a great tool for creating websites in an affordable way. That makes it an ideal program for small business owners who want to beef up their online presence. One of the best things about WordPress is its powerful ability to adapt and the frankly staggering amounts of content that people have created for it. This ranges from customized themes, to plugins that extend the already impressive capabilities of WordPress itself. However, with so much content out there, it can be hard to find exactly what you want or need. This article is an overview of five of the best plugins that WordPress has to offer to small business owners.

Simple Sitemap

Sitemaps have a lot of uses. For one, they’re a great planning tool when you’re conceptualizing a website. Two and three, they are useful to help visitors navigate a website once it’s created, and they can also increase your SEO by making it easier for search engine crawlers to list each of your pages. Simple Sitemap is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to generate a great sitemap for your website.


On websites that have comments sections attached to articles, videos, blog posts, or discussion forums, nothing looks worse than automated comments by spam robots. Unfortunately, a lot of people are left to delete these comments by hand, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Fortunately, Akismet is a plugin that catches spam and keeps it from ever being posted.

Gravity Forms

A lot of websites rely on forms, whether they’re for subscriptions, mailing lists, stores, or free offers. Gravity Forms is a plugin that can create forms of all kinds. It’s supported by some big names in online business, such as PayPal and MailChimp.

Digg Digg

As its name suggests, Digg Digg is a plugin that digs through other social media services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others to find opportunities to share your content. It’s a great service that can increase your social media presence by a lot without a huge amount of work. Check out this ideal tool for improving your social media standing if you’re having trouble balancing multiple social media platforms.

Content aware sidebars

Sometimes even WordPress, a very flexible tool, can be too rigid. Fortunately, there are plugins like content aware sidebars. This is a tool that allows a designer to create an unlimited number of sidebars, widgets, and accessories, anywhere on a website. You can assign them to specific pages, posts, or essentially anywhere in your website. The functionality reaches far beyond WordPress’s ordinary uses, which makes this such an impressive plugin.

Check out these 5 plugins on your WordPress site and see how they make your work easier and more efficient.

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