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Homepage Must-Haves for 2015

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A homepage is one of the most important parts of a website. It is the website part that contains valuable information which will hook readers and get them interested in going further, or send them in another direction. With this crucial moment of gaining or losing a customer, your website homepage must effectively communicate particular information. The following are those pieces of information your website homepage needs to have.


Who you are

Who you are is the first and most obvious thing that should be on a homepage. If customers came to your site, they want and need to know who you are. If they can’t find that right away, they will click the back button to look for another solution. Who you are should be front and center.


What you do

The next topic that should be immediately apparent to visitors is what you can do for them. A lot of people might privilege this information above who you are, but they should really both be very obvious on your homepage. A detailed breakdown of your mission statement or services isn’t necessary – just something that tells people, without any ambiguity, exactly what you do here. It is most effective to focus on the benefits which you offer to customers, rather than just the features.


Smart navigation

This one is organizational, rather than topical. It’s really easy to get turned off by a new website if it’s hard to navigate. Make the structure for getting around the website simple, comprehensive, and clear. Make sure menus, links, and search tools all work well and are intuitive.



Let people know what makes you different from other people who provide a similar service. What makes you, you? Displaying this information prominently establishes that you have a unique identity and focus, and that you have some personality and flair.


Strong call to action

Lastly, it doesn’t matter what the action you’re hoping your visitors will take is, but there should be one. Are you collecting donations for a charitable organization? Are you trying to get people to buy your products? Are you looking for petitions for cause? Are you attempting to education people about a topic you’re an expert on? It doesn’t matter which, if any of these things, you’re trying to do, but it’s important to have a strong appeal to something that will invite your visitors to further involve themselves in you and your website.


So when designing your home page, or examining your existing page, make sure you are telling customers who you are, what you do, how you are different and what they should do next. Additionally, make sure that navigation is user-friendly. With these main pieces, you will be on the right track to higher conversions.

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