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Dollarphotoclub_80062699-300x245.jpgHow is your blog currently? Are you updating it as often as you would like and gaining traction with your customer base? If it is not playing a key role in your online marketing strategy, these tips can help. A blog for your business creates the opportunity for your business to earn a place in your industry and engage your audience with helpful content. What kind of content is best? Here are the most popular content types which can help you to be a better business blogger.

Provide how-to's

How-to videos and articles are really popular right now. Tutorials on all kinds of topics are getting unprecedented views and traffic. This is great because they're easy to put together and they can also easily relate to whatever the focus of your website or business is. Blogging on how-to topics is great for SEO and promoting site traffic.

Solve problems

Similar to how people like to have things explained to them in how-to articles and videos, they also like to see common problems. Think about a problem within your sphere of influence or interest – a topic to do with your business or tangentially related at least – and then write out a solution to that problem. Like how-to topics, they're a great generator of site traffic.

Promote your offerings

If you're running a business that offers promotional deals or holiday specials, use your blog as a platform to promote these deals. Once you have regular blog traffic, it's a great way to use your blog to directly promote your business while also offering people who regularly visit your blog a chance at promotional deals they might have missed otherwise.


A blog is, on some level, entertainment. Although it might also be promotional or informative, entertaining content really what draws people to helps draw people in and keep them coming back. Make sure you're offering things that people are interested in seeing on topics that are relevant and exciting. This could even be some kind of contest, involving customers sending in photos and a prize for the best one.

Share industry news

Use your blog as a way to keep your readers informed about the state of the business you're in. Not only will this establish you as an expert, it will also keep your readers informed of current trends, seemingly insider information, and other things they might be interested to know.

Call readers to action

Especially if you're running a charity or a nonprofit organization, it’s important to establish a necessity for action on the part of your readers. A strong call to action will greatly increase the chances that your audience will get involved in you and your business. A great way to do this is to ask questions at the end of your blogs which will spur conversations in your comments section.

Share your posts

Use your other social media to share your posts throughout your social media platforms. This will lead interested readers back to your website, where they'll be reading even more of your blog.   By implementing these tips into your blog strategy, you can help it to reach it’s full potential and help increase your online presence and income.


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