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Dollarphotoclub_80260547-300x156.jpg Email marketing is a powerful tool for any business, whether they're small or large. It's a useful way of contacting people who have expressed interest in your product, and it doesn't take a lot of effort to reach a large amount of people using it. In fact, many studies have shown that email is still one of the biggest contributors to online sales in the world. With this in mind, there are certain ways to make sure your email campaign is most effective. This article is an overview of five important rules to always keep in mind when launching an email marketing campaign.


What do you want your email campaign to accomplish? What are your goals and resources? What do you have available to use and what obstacles will you face? Answering these questions and establishing a strong plan for your campaign, is the first step which can help to align the end results to your goals.


Yes, email marketing has been made much easier for business owners and marketing managers because it can now be automated. Many tools allow you to create drip campaigns which automatically send a series of emails to prospective or existing customers to strategically move them through the buying cycle. These programs should be implemented in order to make a large impact, with little effort past the initial set up.


People like to be treated like people, not just another contact on your list of hundreds of customers. Segmenting your email lists can help you to create a more personalize impression by grouping together contacts who have similar characteristics. For example, if your reports can categorize customers based on their purchase history, you can segment a group of customers by product. Then, you can send product specific emails to that segment. Personally applicable communication will help to better engage recipients with your messages.

Use Analytics

In order to know what is working and what isn’t, you need measure and track results. Luckily, most email marketing services provide great analytic dashboards which allow you to see how many customers opened your emails, along with how many people clicked through and took the action you desired. Many also allow you to run a/b tests to see if different versions of your message are more effective. By using these analytical tools, you can optimize your messages for the best results.

Be Relevant

We touched on relevance above, and it is one of the most important tips for email marketing campaigns. With the amount of data available, customers are coming to expect messages tailored specifically to them. It's important that you stay timely and relevant with your campaign. Examples would be if a customer recently made a purchase, and you send a thank you with a product recommendation email, or if a customer’s birthday is coming up and you send a discount coupon. These will be far more effective and attention grabbing, than the old school generic messages.


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