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Must-See Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugins

Dollarphotoclub_46241976-300x200.jpgThese days, mobile-friendliness is a key aspect of creating a successful website. In addition to the fact that mobile technology has experienced a huge influx of popularity and use in recent years, it is now categorically better to be mobile friendly for SEO purposes. Recently, Google changed its algorithms to favor mobile friendly websites over non-mobile friendly ones. If you're developing anything in WordPress, it's worth your time to make sure you're doing it in a way that's mobile friendly. You're practically shooting yourself in the foot if you don't. This article is an overview of several mobile-friendly plugins that can help you.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

The idea behind this plugin is simple. All it does it create a second theme that is separate from a site's main one that appears only when it is accessed by a mobile device. This is good for sites that are already created, but it essentially means you'll have to create two websites instead of one.

Mobile Smart

Mobile Smart is a lot like Any Mobile Theme Switcher, but it has the increased functionality called transcoding, which is in development and will allow sites to automatically re-size images and formats to better fit mobile screens. It also has a manual switcher between standard and mobile themes.

Post Script Responsive Images

This plugin saves you and visitors bandwidth by only serving images at a particular size. Rather than caching them at their ordinary size and then re-sizing them for a smaller screen, the image is instead accessed at smaller size immediately. This also means the site will be faster to access with a mobile device.

FV WordPress Flowplayer

This is an HTML5 video player that displays embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other sources and then re-sizes them for appropriate screens. It's completely free, too.

Mobile Navigation

Menus, sidebars, sitemaps, and other navigational tools are often difficult or inconvenient to use on mobile devices. This plugin creates a full-screen navigation menu for smaller screens which allows the user to then access any part of the website. It offers several customization options for styles, fonts, colors, and so forth. Now that mobile friendliness is a must-have for online businesses, these WordPress plug ins to can be of assistance.


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