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Why You Need an Active Blog on Your Website

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Blogs bring many benefits to businesses, including an increased engagement with audiences and increased website traffic. Although many businesses focus on their social media platforms, they forget how helpful a blog can be in providing ongoing content for social media, along with driving people to the company’s website continuously.

Blogs are really useful for this. Yes they require ongoing updates, but with quality content, the ROI is worth it. This article takes a closer look at some of the positive aspects of having a blog on your website.

Improve your SEO

SEO is especially important if you’re running a business blog. In general, a blog with a strong theme will hugely strengthen your SEO because of the simple fact that you’ll have so many instances of keywords relating to targeted topics by virtue of the simple fact that you’ll be writing about those topics consistently.

Establish yourself in your industry

In a blog, you are able to speak with authority about whatever topic you like. Granted, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’ll come off in a poor light – and there are certainly examples of blogs like that out there. However, if you’re well-versed in your subject matter and you’re allowed to talk about it with the tone that a blog can provide, you can establish yourself as an authority on the subject.

Increase your social media following

Blogs allow you to increase your social media following because they are most effective when shared on multiple channels. Every time a blog is posted it should be shared on each of a business’s social media platform. This keeps followers informed and engaged with a business. Additionally, by adding “share” buttons to multiple social platforms, businesses can let readers do some of the sharing for them. As a result, the social media presence is increased.

Encourages interaction

A blog encourages two-way interaction between you and your customers. You’re able to use your unique voice to speak directly to your customers or followers. That’s a position with alot of power in it. After all, you’ll probably be sharing opinions, thoughts, and values in addition to information about whatever it is your blog discusses. It’s a very personal form of communication that a lot of people respond well to.
If you are a small business and haven’t focused on your blog, these are just 5 of the many reasons to invest in one. The more helpful, interesting and informative content you provide, the better return you will see.


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