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Time Management ToolsWhether you've just launched your startup, or you've been running your company for years, as a small business owner, you've figured out that you're required to wear a lot of different hats. You might be your company's administrator, marketing coordinator, web designer, copywriter, customer service reprehensive, accountant, and more, all in addition to being the big cheese. Your time is limited, and therefore extremely valuable. Here's a few tools to help you, and maybe your employees, keep track of their time.

Toggl: A web-based app with free, pro, and business versions, Toggl offers time tracking to suit any size company's needs. After creating a new project, you can assign it a color, a client, and a team. You can also set it to be viewed publically or privately. Once the project is created, you can start and stop your time. You can also make manual adjustments when needed. This tool also includes a report feature that provides weekly charts and summaries. Toggl would be a good choice for small business owners who bill hourly.

Rescue Time: For those who frequently find themselves wondering where the day has gone, Rescue Time is the tool that will let you know. Installed onto your computer, Rescue Time runs in the background, keeping track of all your activity – though it can be paused as well as turned on and off. In addition to creating easy-to-read reports that break down your time into categories like communication, composition, learning, productive time and distraction time, Rescue Time allows you to set productivity goals. It's pro version will also allow you to "get focused," blocking sites considered to be highly distracting. This tool would be a good fit for anyone who spends the majority of their day on the computer.

My Minutes: An app available for $2.99 on iPhone and Android, My Minutes allows you to track your personal and work time while you're on the go. Start out by setting goals that include the task with "less than" or "more than" the time you want to spend.  Once you begin that activity, you can start and stop tracking. My Minutes will alert you when you've reached your goal for the day. This app is a good choice for business owners who find themselves on their feet more often than chained to a desk, or for those who are looking for a simplistic, no-nonsense time tracker they'll always have on them.


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