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Improve Your SiteWith tools like Weebly, creating your own website can be easy – but it's not always easy to do well. Web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters will be the first to tell you that a lot goes into establishing a professional appearance, targeted brand, and user-friendly experience. While it can't all be learned overnight, here's a few ideas on how you can give your website a boost!

Don't Fall For Fancy Fonts: Lettering with lots of shadows, squiggles and curls might be tempting to use, but it can be strenuous to read. Always choose a clear typeface with the body of your copy at least a size 16. When choosing a text color, make sure it contrasts well with your background color without it being too loud. Neon pink might work for your subtitles, but it's not for the bulk of text on your site.

Have Your Navigation Make Sense: While your site should be original, your visitors still expect certain elements to be in place. For example, where you put your menu tabs is not an area to try breaking the mold. Stick with website structures that are proven to work. Visitors should be able to quickly jump to almost anywhere on your site from wherever they already are.

Remember Less is More: A site with lots of bells and whistles is a sure sign of an amateur design. Skip the busy backgrounds, flashy cursers, and unnecessary gadgets. Instead, stick to just a pinch of color and only a few font combinations. White space on your website gives your visitors some breathing room, so having a little bit is a good thing!

Polish Up Your Content: Finding typos, misspelling, and grammatical issues throughout your site will leave a bad taste in its visitors' mouths. Because some web design programs don't include spell and grammar checks, these mistakes are far too easy to make. You can double-check yourself by plugging your content into a word processing program before posting online, or by having someone proofread your site.

Update Your Blog: Search engines love fresh content and your website users will too! By keeping your blog updated on a daily or weekly basis, you'll keep your rankings high, attract new customers, and give old customers a reason to keep coming back.

Keep Your Images Legal: If your site's photographs, diagrams, and illustrations all came from Google Image, there's a good chance you're guilty of copyright infringement! Using copyrighted material without the owner's permission has its consequences: in addition to being asked to remove the images, you may have to pay damages or a percentage of your profits. Keep your website clean by creating your images yourself, hiring someone to create your images for you, or purchasing your images from royalty-free sites like,, or

Make It Mobile-Friendly: More than half of all online traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, so if your site isn't already compatible, it's something to seriously consider. Your website viewers won't be the only ones who appreciate the ability to access your information on the go. Having a mobile-friendly site is likely to give your sales a little pick-me-up as well!


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