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Five Elements To Test For When You’re Running an Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to not only get the word out about your business, but to attract attention and therefore the buy-in of customers who are currently on the fence about utilizing your company’s goods or services. That being said, there’s no easy way of knowing how well your campaign will work without testing it out – and that means trying out different versions of your emails in order to see which one will be most effective.

Here are the five elements you should test out in order to find what works best:

  1. Subject line This is perhaps the most important part of any email campaign, since it is what inspires your users to actually click through and read your email. So try out different voices and styles until you find the most click-inducing one.
  2. Images versus text Depending on your audience and the type of products or services you are marketing, it might be better to send a relatively plain text email versus an image-heavy one, and this goes double if your audience is more likely to be reading on mobile, since images might not always show up the way you want them to based on your audience’s devices.
  3. Time and date sent This is the most obvious element that you can and should test, and it might also be the most important. After all, timing is crucial in most marketing campaigns, and you should figure out the best day and time to send out your emails to maximize results.
  4. Social media links If your audience is active on social media, incorporating that into your email campaigns can work brilliantly, since they may use the conveniently provided links in your test email to share it with the world. Keep in mind that this is unnecessary if they don’t tend to participate on social, and possibly even distracting or off-putting.
  5. Personalization Most of the time, people like to get an email that uses their names or some other identification that shows it’s not just another marketing email. However, this can be perceived as intrusive or weird depending on your audience and how you acquired their email address. Therefore, you should personalize in an intelligent way according to how the recipient actually receives your email.

So now that you know the key elements to look for, go forth and test out your email campaigns! Keep in mind that it is generally a better idea to test for one variable at a time so you can figure out the most ideal options, and therefore be the most successful with your email marketing campaign.

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