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Monthly website maintenanceYour site is online! Woo-hoo! Seeing your company's page – your name, your logo, your products, and your blog – join the nearly billion websites on the internet is a feeling that never gets old, no matter how many times you do it! While having built your business website is a huge accomplishment, it's important to remember that your work isn't done yet… or ever. Having a website is like having a house, a garden, or a pet: it needs lots of love and attention to be successful. Here's a few quick things you can do each month to help ensure your company's site is functioning at its best.  

Navigate Your Site: Take a few minutes each month to experience your website like your users do. Was the site too hard to find? Are the pages taking too long to load? Is everything lined up the way it should be? Can you easily click on links and tabs, or do you have to buzz your curser around a bit? Ask yourself these and other questions as you click through your site.  

Double-Check Your Links: Broken links and error messages are not only frustrating to your users, they can hurt your site's rankings. If you don't have a tool or plugin that alerts you to these issues, it's important that you check each one of them yourself, including the links that link to other portions of your site.  

Review Your Content: The content on your site shouldn't stay the same from year to year, or even month to month; services change, prices go up, hours get switched, employees come and go. Your site should always reflect current information.  You may also find while reviewing your content with fresh eyes typos and misspellings that can quickly be fixed.  

Try Your Submission Form: If you're encouraging new customers to contact you through a submission form, you want to make sure it's working perfectly. Try sending yourself a message. Could you fit everything you wanted to say? Did it send without issue? Did you receive it? How long did it take?  

Write A Blog Post: The internet loves new content, so a website that's frequently updated is likely to be rewarded with better rankings over one that's stagnant. If it's been more than a few weeks since you've added anything to your site, help yourself and your customers out by typing up a blog post.  

Preview From a Mobile Device: While many website builders will allow you to preview your site from a mobile device's perspective, it's not always identical to the real thing. Poke around on your company's site through a phone or tablet. The more ways you can see your site, the better you'll understand how your users see it.


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