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Online Tools for Small Businesses – 5 Helpful Business Apps

Running a small business can be tough. Without the infrastructure and personnel of a larger company, many important tasks will likely circle around and fall back to you. From email management, to project development, many business owners find themselves chained to their computer trying to get it all done.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of apps and other online tools that can make running a business a whole lot easier, especially for small business owners who need a little. This article will overview five apps that might be useful to you small business owners who are looking to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Manage projects with Wrike

Wrike is a project management tool. This means that it’s a platform for assigning, supervising, and working on various types of projects. It allows employers to assign tasks to employees and then supervise them while they work. It also attaches communication for particular projects, to those projects themselves, in order to prevent confusion and keep everything orderly.


Fax machines have been considered a dead technology for a while, now. However, eFax is an internet based fax service that is still useful for sending complete documents. The benefit of using fax in this day and age, is that it is accessible worldwide at a fairly low cost. eFax also features support for using a iPad or other mobile devices.

Manage multiple email accounts seamlessly with Cloud Magic

Cloud Magic is an award-winning app for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that lets you access all your email accounts from a single app. In a day and age where having three or four email accounts is normal, this is obviously a very useful app to have, whether you’re doing business or just managing all your accounts.

Take an edit pictures and video with Power Cam

Power Cam is an app that expands the functionality of a mobile device’s camera. It has a multitude of options for editing, adding effects, and so forth.

Citrix GoToMyPC

Citrix distributes this very useful app, which lets you access your PC from a tablet or other mobile device. This can be super useful for meeting, or for checking on your computer while you’re away from home or your desk for an extended period of time.

Free up more of your time- and mental space-with these 5 handy apps.

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