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newsletter-ideas-300x200.jpgSending weekly or monthly newsletters to your customers is a great way to build relationships, generate more business, and expose your company culture, but if you're like many small business owners, after the first few rounds, you feel like you've run out of things to say. For those days the inspiration isn’t there, and the creative juices just aren't flowing, here's some ideas on what you can include in your company's newsletter.  

Recent/Upcoming Events: Did your company recently participate in an event? Do you have one coming up? Will you be sponsoring an event any time soon? Is there an event you would recommend your customers attend?  

Featured Products & Services: Is there a new product or service you'll be offering? Is there something people forget that you offer? What's one product or service you think more people should purchase?  

Industry Knowledge: What's something customers should know about your industry? What's a common misconception customers have that you can set straight? What aspect of your industry do you think the average person would find interesting?  

Employee Bios: Who's new to your company and what do they have to offer? Who would you like your customers to get to know? Who's someone your customers are likely to interact with?  

Success Stories: How were you able to turn things around for a customer? How did your product or service help someone in a big way? What's a particularly challenging project to which you were able to find a solution? How was a product or service used differently, but successfully?  

Product Reviews: In your expert opinion, what products or tools would you recommend to your customers? What shouldn't they waste their money on? What's something your customers should invest in?  

Helpful Tools & Resources: What links would your customers find helpful? Are there any online tools they could use? Is there a list, table or chart you could make that your audience would find beneficial?  

Recap: In what ways has your company grown this year? What milestones have you hit and what achievements have you made? What awards have you won? What do you consider to be your company's greatest success?  

Survey: What would you like to know about your customers? What aren't your customers telling you? What information would help you serve them better?  

Coupons: How do you want to reward your loyal customers who sign up for your newsletter? What product or service would you like to promote by knocking a few dollars off?    


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