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By now you've probably gotten word that having a blog is an impo Goals for Blog Postsrtant part of your company's online presence. But knowing how to use your blog to brand your business, engage your readers, and generate customers? That might not be as obvious. Here's a few tips that you can apply to every post so that your content does its job.

Make It Interesting: When choosing a topic for your blog post, think about what's valuable to your audience. In some ways, what's valuable to your audience is similar to what's valuable as a Facebook status. People will generally like, comment on, and share statuses that reflect positivity, humor, news, and helpful information. They usually ignore, unfollow or delete friends that dish out negativity, controversy, boring updates, or "junk." Keep your blog posts original so your readers are getting fresh content – not information they've already read over and over on other sites. You'll also want to spend some time developing a catchy title as it will ultimately determine whether or not your article is read.

Make It a Quick Read: People read blogs while they drink their morning coffee, as they're waiting in line at the bank, in between emails, or as part of their research. Many are reading from mobile devices. What this boils down to is that nobody has time to read 3,000 words – or even anything that might look like it's 3,000 words. Keep your posts on the shorter side, make your paragraphs brief, include lots of subtitles, and add a few pictures to give your readers a more pleasant reading experience.  

Make It a Gateway To Your Site: A well-written blog can prompt readers to explore other areas of your website. The easier it is for them to do that, the more likely it is that they will. That's why your website should include a few internal links. If you're discussing a topic you've touched on before, include a link to that blog post. Are you talking about a product or service you offer? Definitely link to that page. You want your readers to linger on your website as long as possible.  

Make it SEO Friendly: While your blog posts will be appreciated by your current customers, they won't attract too many new customers without being fully search engine optimized. With plenty of free WordPress tools to help you out, like WordPress SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO Pack, and SEO Ultimate, you can quickly and easily optimize your blog posts so that the general public can find them.


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