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Why You Need Wordfence For Your WordPress Website

Wordfence SecurityWhether you’re an experienced website developer working on multiple client sites, you keep a personal blog just for fun, or you find yourself somewhere in between, you should seriously consider adding Wordfence Security to your WordPress site.

Having your website compromised can lead to a whole host of not-so-pretty issues. Your search rankings may drop. Your passwords may no longer work. Your website may be altered. Your website can even be wiped clean or replaced. As for your customers, they may experience a large number of popups, receive fake emails from you, have their personal information stolen, or get the virus as well.

Once customers discover that your website can’t be trusted, not only will your sales start to plummet, but it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for your site to regain its reputation. Unfortunately, website owners don’t always know that their website has been hacked.

Wordfense Security is a free plugin that’s backed by a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, over 2,000 positive reviews, and over 7 million downloads to date. It provides a high level of security to your small business website, boasting the capability of increasing your website speed by as much as 50 times its current rate, thanks to its use of Falcone Engine, the fastest WordPress caching engine available.

Wordfence offers a wide variety of features to help keep your site safe from hackers. It starts by scanning your site, including your blog posts and comments, for infections that may already be in place. It then provides ways for you to eliminate those infections.

Once your site is clean, Wordfence acts as a buffer to prevent new attacks. In addition to scanning your site on a regular basis, it monitors your site in real time, allowing you to see humans, robots, 404 errors, logins, and logouts as they’re occurring. It’s also getting smarter all the time. Once an attacker has been identified for a Wordfence user, all other Wordfence users are then safe from that attacker.

Wordfence can also help you create strong passwords, monitor disk space, verify sources, and alert you when a plugin has a new update.  The pro version contains additional features, like the ability to block specific countries from accessing your website.

Wordfence Security has been described as being powerful without being confusing. It’s been praised for its “out of the box” usability, meaning there’s little setup required to get started. With a helpful tutorial and online support, it’s a good choice for website users spanning across all experience levels. Don’t wait to get hacked to try it out!


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