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ASO Employee Spotlight: Adam, Live Support Ninja

adamb_asoblogIn this blog series, we chat with some of our ASO employees to share who we are, what we do, and what makes A Small Orange so great. Read on to find out what life is like inside ASO while we “peel back the orange.” Stay tuned for more ASO Spotlight blogs!


Here is some of our interview:


What do you do at ASO?

My proud role is to make certain people have somewhere to turn to solve problems or questions regarding their hosting and to try and provide a welcoming spirit and access to the answers they need. I work with our technicians and other wonderful staff to try to keep things running as smoothly as possible for our amazing customers, whether they have a problem with their service or questions about how the tools at their fingertips work or how to properly set them up. And in this role it’s my daily pleasure to speak to some of the best customers I’ve ever interacted with in any industry, hands down.


What 3 lessons have you learned in the tech industry?


Technology isn’t magic… but we’re often not aware of how it works. 1) customers generally want to understand 2) understanding is not always as simply as toying around 3) sometimes the best kind of support is to lead by hand. My favorite role to fill, when I can, is that of a teacher, and that means always being as open to learn as I am to instruct, which I’ve been blessed to be able to do often working in the industry.


Describe your personality in one word.




What’s the top song on your playlist right now?


Leyendecker, by a band called Battles. One of many songs that helps keep me as focused and thoughtful as possible, my favorite state to be in while working! (Plus, it’ll pump one up pretty much any time.)





  • Adam B is always very kind and helpful when I have a technical issues.

    Thanks Adam!

  • Joe

    Adam B is the best! Give him a raise!