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Quick Pro Tips: Updating Your Website

Say, when was the last time you updated your website?


If it’s been a few months, or maybe a year since you’ve added anything new, it’s time to lookup your WordPress password and dust off the ol’ blog! It’s generally recommended that you add information or make modifications to your website at least once every couple of weeks. Not only does this help to ensure that your users are getting the best possible experience, it helps your SEO as well. So what can you change on your site?


Products & Services: As time marches on, websites fall out of date, so it’s possible that you’re promoting a product or service you no longer offer, or are missing one of your top sellers!


Hours & Contact Information: Are your winter hours still posted even as summer comes to an end? Is the email address listed still the account you check?


Staff Members: With new faces joining your company, and perhaps the loss of a few others, you should take steps to ensure your staff is represented accurately.


About/Bio Sections: A lot can happen in a few months! Any new awards, achievements or publications to report?


If you’ve already got those basics covered, then you’re doing a great job at keeping your site relevant! You can still update your site with a blog post or special offer, or by adding something new – an F&Q page, a forum, a shopping cart or appointment scheduler.

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