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As a blogger, small business owner, or other web guru, you’re always looking for ways to enhance your site, whether it’s by boosting visibility, security, ease of management, or overall user experience.  These WordPress plugins are what users are finding to be the most helpful this week.  

Yoast SEO: There’s a reason Yoast SEO continues to top the charts. It can be used for any kind of website and it’s a favorite for beginners and experienced users alike. One of the most frequently downloaded and positively reviewed plugins on WordPress, it increases your search engine optimization by helping you produce meta descriptions, titles and content that effectively incorporate your focus keywords. With easy-to-read red, yellow and green lights, you’ll be provided with information on how well your site rates along with tips on how you can improve.  

All in One SEO Pack: Another continuously highly-rated plugin, All in One SEO Pack is an alternative to SEO by Yoast. Beginners will love that it automatically optimizes titles and generates meta tags, while advanced users can take comfort in knowing that they can override these automations with their own changes. All in One SEO Pack prides itself on being the only plugin to provide SEO integration with WordPress e-Commerce sites. Reviewers praise it for its quick implementation and measurable results.  

Google Analytics By Yoast: With this handy plugin, learning how visitors use your website just got a little bit easier. While Google Analytics tracks data, such as the number of users who access your site, the amount of time they spend on your site, and from which country they’re accessing it from, Google Analytics By Yoast is able to haul all of this data to your website dashboard for a more streamlined website management experience. The more information you have about your website’s visitors, the better you’re able to make decisions that cater towards them. With this plugin, you do need a Google Analytics account set up first.  

WordPress Importer: WordPress Importer is a big time savor and major stress reducer for those who decide they want to move their site’s content from one WordPress site to another, or for those who want to backup their site onto another site. Instead of enduring long hours with manual migration, with WordPress Importer, you can move posts, pages, comments, categories, authors and tags from one site to the next, using one convenient file, quickly and easily. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to get the job done. Reviewers describe the plugin as doing exactly what it says it does.  

Regenerate Thumbnails: Recognized for its quick speed and constant reliability, Regenerate Thumbnails is particularly helpful for sites that use a lot of images, or bloggers who incorporate images in their posts. This plugin does one simple thing – resets images to their set dimensions. You can adjust thumbnails one by one, or you can save lots of time by regenerating bundles of images across your entire blog or gallery, just with the click of a button, enhancing your site’s consistency and overall aesthetics.  

W3 Total Cache: This plugin is what’s known as a web performance optimization (WPO) tool. With a 4.3 out of 5-star review and with updates made as recently as August 2015, it strives to improve your site’s user experience by enhancing server performance and reducing page load speeds. Increased site performance means that your site ranks better in search engine listings, attracting more visitors and leading to higher conversion rates. W3 Total Cache is great for small business owners. It works with shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans. Be sure to watch their “Inside Look” video – it’s pretty great.  

Google XML Site Maps: An easy-to-implement, no-complaints plugin that continues to score high with WordPress, Google XML Site Maps has been used by millions of bloggers and small business owners for nearly a decade. This tool generates an automatic site map (or list of accessible pages to your site) that make it easy for Google as well as other search engines to quickly and effectively retrieve information from it. While site maps don’t by themselves increase search engine optimization, they provide search engines with the information they need to rank your site accurately.  

Wordfense Security: The most frequently downloaded security plugin on WordPress, Wordfense has a 5-star rating from over 2,000 reviewers. In addition to being able to block new attackers from accessing your site (with the ability to monitor users in real-time), it’s able to scan your site, your blog posts, and your comments for threats that may already be in place. It then offers solutions on how to remove these threats. Wordfense also offers a number of other little features to help you manage your site: you can use it to find 404 pages, monitor disk space, and create stronger passwords.  

NextGen Gallery: NextGen Gallery prides itself on being the most popular WordPress gallery plugin. Whether your website features an online portfolio, or you’re just showing off pictures of your new office space, NextGen Gallery works by easily allowing you to upload, edit, organize, and otherwise manage a large number of images on your site. You can set preferences like size, style, transition and timing to create gorgeous slideshows. Users describe this plugin as beginner-friendly without compromising on its ability to deliver great results.  

Hello Dolly: While this plugin probably isn’t a necessity for your website, it certainly is a whole lot of fun! Hello Dolly generates a lyric from the 1964 Broadway Musical, Hello Dolly, in the top right corner of your WordPress’ admin page each time you log in. This tiny adaption may not seem like much, but according to the plugin’s dozens of positive reviews, these refreshing few words fill WordPress users with motivation, inspiration and joy! If you’re someone who procrastinates updating your site, or dreads having to write a new blog post each week, the little bit of charm Hello Dolly provides may be a good fit for you.  


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