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What ’s in a Homepage?

Out of all the pages that make up your website, your homepage may be the most important one. This is often the first page internet users see, and you only have about three seconds to make a good impression before they either move forward on your site, or click back to their other options.   Regardless of whether you have a small business, industry blog, digital portfolio or online resume, your website’s homepage should provide some kind of overview or explanation of what it is that you’re providing.

You should also include contact information so your users don’t have to navigate too deep into your site for your phone number or email address. Lastly, your homepage should, from the beginning, capture your audience’s attention and begin to lead them to whatever it is you want your users to do. Display your call to action right on your homepage.   The structure and content of your homepage are so important that you may want to test them to ensure they’re working at their maximum potential. A/B testing, or split testing, allows you to try out two different versions of your site, so you can identify what phrasing and design elements lead to the most favorable results.


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