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ASO Quick Tip: How To Use Keywords In Your Web Content

There are a variety of tactics you can use to increase your site’s search engine optimization. One of them is to implement keywords in your blog posts and copy. Keywords are the words and phrases internet users type into search engines when they’re looking for a specific piece of information. By knitting these terms right into your site, your site has a better chance of showing up in search results.


Knowing which keywords customers are likely to use can take some time and a bit of experimentation; however, with a little research, you can get a good start. Sites like WordStream and WordTracker can help you uncover which keywords are used most often.


Once you’ve chosen a few keywords that match the type of content you offer on your site, the trick is to weave them into your text naturally. For example, if your instinct is to use the term “auto dealership” but “car dealership” is searched more frequently, switch your wording to “car dealership.” Ideally, your keywords will appear several times throughout your site – in subtitles, in web copy, and in blog posts. But you don’t want to go keyword crazy. An inauthentic use of keywords will demote your site to the lower depths of search engine listings.


If you’re using WordPress to manage your site, you may want to download SEO by Yoast. This free, user-friendly plugin allows you to choose keywords for each webpage or blog post. It will then rate how efficiently you’ve utilized those words for best search engine optimization.

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