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From major corporations, to small Etsy shops, the internet hosts millions of online stores, but only a small percentage of them receive a significant revenue, and it’s been estimated that less than 10% of all retail transactions are done online. While these numbers are quickly increasing, ecommerce still has a lot of room to grow!   Whether you just sell a couple of products online as passive income, or your website fully operates as an online store, you’re always looking for ways you can create a positive experience for your customers and simplistic management processes for you, all while generating more sales.

AbanteCart is a program that can help.  

What is AbanteCart?   Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.31.05 AM  

AbanteCart is a free, PHP-based, open-source program that advertises itself as being an all-in-one-solution for selling online. It allows individuals as well as small to medium-sized businesses easily set up and manage an online store. With lots of features, extensions, and customization options, AbanteCart is a powerful tool that can grow as you grow. As new updates are occurring all the time, several in 2015 alone, AbanteCart fully embodies the “forward” meaning behind its name by focusing on current standards and modern trends that provide customers the ultimate shopping experience.  

What Sets AbanteCart Apart?  

It’s Free: One of AbanteCart’s greatest selling points is that unlike many other competitor programs that describe themselves as all-in-one ecommerce solutions, it’s completely free. Not free to try. Not free to test out it’s one or two most basic features you can’t really do anything with unless you upgrade. AbanteCart is actually fully usable free.  

Anyone Can Use It: Unlike some open-source projects that require extensive research to learn and developer knowledge to integrate, AbanteCart works out-of-the-box even for novice users. It even includes some “drag-and-drop” elements as well as automatic importation from your other shop sites. The product’s website concludes that if you’re capable of using Google or Facebook, you’re capable of installing and utilizing AbanteCart. In addition to being user-friendly for inexperienced website owners, AbanteCart’s code is easy to work with, making it fully customizable for programmers and developers.  

No Limitations: While ecommerce sites like Shopify, Volusion or Etsy have some restrictions, AbanteCart is truly limitless. You can have an unlimited number of stores, list an unlimited number of products, bring in an unlimited number of customers and process an unlimited number of transactions. Those who sell audio files, images, ebooks, online courses, and applications will be relieved to learn that there are also no restrictions on digital products.  Because AbanteCart is free, you’re able to keep all of the income you earn instead of having to pay for a membership or percentage of each transaction. You also won’t be restricted with payment options (you can use Stripe, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Money Order, Check, Cash on Delivery, etc.) or shipping methods (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Pickup From Store, etc.). AbanteCart users can also accept any currency.  

Lots of Features: One thing you’ll read throughout AbanteCart’s customer reviews time and time again is a strong appreciation for the amount of features that are provided in its core. You won’t have to pay money or spend time adding on what all-in-one ecommerce solution competitors would consider to be their advanced options. You can set up coupons, email order monitoring or minimum purchase amounts.  Customers can sort products by name, price or rating. They can write reviews, create wish lists, view their purchase history, or checkout as a guest.  

Great Extensions: While AbanteCart does come with layers of wonderful features, there are lots of free and paid extensions available in the AbanteCart Marketplace to address more specific needs. Not only are the extensions simple to purchase and quick to install, they come with support and they’re made easily affordable. Those that aren’t free are generally priced between $10 and $30, with a few set around $40. Some of the most popular extensions include language integrations, design templates, live chat, gift certificates, rewards points, and the ability to allow customers to log in with Facebook and Google.  

Free Support: The creators of AbanteCart believe that everyone should be able to receive free support. On the website, you’ll find a user manual as well as links to over a dozen YouTube videos, some of which provide overviews, while others provide tutorials for common tasks. AbanteCart also has a community forum where popular help-topics can be searched. Should you have a specific request, you can contact the team with an online form provided on their website. Because AbanteCart is a widely used program, new users may be able to find assistance from more experienced users online.  

SEO Friendly: AbanteCart has been built to be SEO-friendly from the ground up. Its responsive design suits smartphones, tablets, and multiple screen sizes well, which alone can boost your search engine listings. Its storefront is also optimized, allowing search engines to be able to quickly and easily locate the products and information on your site.  

What Are Customers Saying?  

AbanteCart scores high with users as well as industry bloggers. It received a 4.39 out of 5 on Hot Scripts. It’s praised for its design, speed, easy implementation, customizability, reliability, security, and feature variety. Users also note that despite its power, it doesn’t drain a lot of resources. Customers are happy with the type of extensions that are made available, as well as their overall quality. While programs that make frequent updates can sometimes dissuade, AbanteCart users seem to be generally pleased with each new version that has been offered, even suggesting that they look forward to seeing what changes come next. Many of the software’s negative reviews stem from older versions of the program.  

How Can I Get AbanteCart?   

If you’re hosting with A Small Orange, you’ll find that AbanteCart has already been made available to you in your cPanel. You can access it by going to the section titled “Softaculous Apps Installer” and locating it under “Scripts.”   If you are using a different web hosting company, you can download AbanteCart by going to their website, clicking the “download” tab, and following their instructions.        


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