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Is Your Website Running Fast Enough?

When it comes to your website’s speed, there’s no such thing as too fast. Sites with quick load times are not only favored by online users, they’re ranked higher by search engines like Google and Bing. Your website should completely load within three seconds, but really, you want to aim for under two. How can you check your website’s speed? and can quickly show how your site stacks up.


If your site isn’t running as fast as it should, there are a couple of things you can do. You can optimize your images, download a caching tool, minimize redirects, eliminate error pages, and turn off plugins you don’t use. If your website has slowly been collecting a lot of “stuff” over the years (search bars, banners, buttons, and forms), it may be time to implement a more streamlined design. You should also do a virus scan to make sure you don’t have any unwelcome visitors bunking up on your pages.


If after taking these steps, your website still isn’t running as fast as it should, you may want to contact your web hosting company’s technical support team. They may be able to identify a problem you’re unable to see, or it may be time to increase your bandwidth.

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