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Making Your Blog Posts More Reader Friendly

If you’ve spent any time on the internet perusing Buzzfeed, LifeHacker or The Huffington Post, you may have wondered why so many articles look the same. It’s not that the writers lack creativity or that they’re even pressed for a deadline. Instead, it has to do with how website users read blogs.  

Unlike the latest novel, they don’t spend hours digesting it from cover to cover. Instead, they may quickly read through a post in between their daily tasks, or just skim it for useful information. You can give your readers the best experience by tailoring your article’s structure to their needs.   Start by choosing easy-to-read fonts. Just like your website copy, your articles should be written in at least a size 16. Keep your paragraphs short.

You can break up walls of text by using subtitles and graphics. With half of online users accessing the internet from their phone or tablet, you should also make sure that your blog is mobile friendly. When it comes to writing your content, keep in mind that a blog is not a text or tweet. The symbols and abbreviations that are helpful when you’re under character restrictions can be more of a distraction when you’re not. Always take the time to proofread and spellcheck your articles so that you’re providing your readers with the best quality.


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