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If you’re a restaurant that features live music, an improv group that performs in weekly shows, or a non-profit organization that hosts regular get-togethers, this WordPress plugin is for you. The Events Calendar, which was created by Modern Tribe, a company that describes itself as a digital agency with a modern twist, is a relatively-new WordPress plugin that will do away with your paper events flyers for good.   A beautifully designed, super easy-to-use program, The Events Calendar allows you to set up, manage and display your events calendar on your site. With free and pro versions as well as useful add-ons, it can suit every level of your needs, regardless of your company size or industry. It’s been awarded 4.6 out of 5 stars on WordPress by nearly a thousand reviews, and it has over 300,000 active installs. The Events Calendar is currently being used by museums, churches, libraries, schools, theaters, fitness centers, and countless interest groups all around the world. Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.04.32 AM  

Why You Should Use The Events Calendar    

Out-Of-The-Box Design: One of this plugin’s best features is it’s ability to be installed and implemented within seconds. With The Events Calendar, you don’t have to spend any time entering user information. Once activated, the calendar automatically integrates itself into your WordPress theme and can be easily customized with code to adhere better to your style and brand.  

Easy Event Creation: If you’re already using WordPress to power your site, you’ll find that populating your meetings, activities, fundraisers, shows or celebrations onto your calendar really couldn’t be easier. You’ll create events through your dashboard much of the same way as you already create website pages and blog posts. You’ll be asked to enter information like your event title, a date, a time, a venue, an organizer, a website and a cost. You can also add tags and event categories. Once you’ve completed the information, you can preview and publish your event, just like you would with other WordPress content.  

Filter Features: The Events Calendar’s free version allows for website users to view events by month, by day, or as an upcoming list. Not only can users obtain information for future events, they can view information from past events as well.  

Calendar Export Options: Your website users can easily transfer information from your website’s events calendar onto their own personal or business schedules with the click of a button.  The Events Calendar works with Google Calendar and iCal.  

Lots of Add-Ons: While The Events Calendar’s free version stands strong on its own and may provide all the capabilities you need, Modern Tribe also makes a variety of add-ons at different tiers and at different price points. You can sell tickets for your events directly on your site using a number of platforms, including WooCommerce Tickets, WP e-Commerce Tickets, Easy Digital Downloads, and Shopp Tickets. You can also add Community Events, which allows your website users to create events directly on your calendar without them having to go through a dashboard. With the Filter Bar, your website users can further narrow down your calendar’s events by searching for a specific date, time, or price. Facebook Events allows you to transfer your Facebook invites onto your events calendar.  

User Support: Modern Tribe appears to really care about its customers’ ability to get full use out of their product. From the moment the plugin is installed, you’ll be prompted to watch a 3-minute overview video. This fast-paced tutorial is well put-together. In addition to outlining its basic features, it’s also highly-informative. This clip alone will tell you just about everything you need to know to get going, but should you need additional support or have more complex questions along the way, Modern Tribe also offers a series of technical documents, tutorials and guides. You can also search their blog posts and help forum for your specific topic. Should you not be able to find what you’re looking for, you can open a new discussion; however, Modern Tribe cautions that the questions posted on their WordPress forum are only checked once each week.  

Any Cons?  

Some Code May Be Needed: If you’re happy with the way The Events Calendar looks automatically implemented onto your site, that’s great! But if you want to make a lot of stylistic changes, you’ll need to know some code to make the modifications. Some developers indicated in the plugin’s WordPress reviews that customization can be time-consuming and it isn’t always as easy as it looks.  

Facebook Events For Import, Not Export: While you can quickly turn your public Facebook invites into upcoming events on your site, it doesn’t work the other way around. There’s no way to take the information from The Events Calendar and turn it into a Facebook event.  

What’s In Events Calendar Pro?  

Modern Tribe also offers a paid version of the plugin, Events Calendar Pro. Available in personal, business and agency packages, ranging from $89 - $299, it offers a few additional features. While the free version allows users to view your calendar by day, month, or upcoming list, the pro version adds the ability to view events by week, by location, or through a sleek photographic poster board. Events Calendar Pro also allows you to set up reoccurring events. Like most paid plugins, you’ll also receive additional technical support.  

How You Can Use The Events Calendar  

This plugin demonstrates a lot of potential for companies of all kinds. Modern Tribe “showcases” on its website a number of ways businesses have customized and implemented their product, with customers that range from small wineries, to major colleges and universities. In addition to being used like a traditional events calendar for an organization’s activities, it could also be used internally to manage upcoming projects or meetings.  

How to Get Started  

You can install The Events Calendar by downloading it through WordPress and activating the plugin. The pro version as well as additional add-ons can be purchased directly from the company’s site.          


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