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YouTube, Vimeo or Vine – Which to Choose for Content Marketing

There are plenty of reasons to add video to your content marketing strategy. Not only can video help you get your written message across, it can unlock an emotional component that helps create strong bonds with customers. In fact, some studies show that videos are more likely to lead to likes, favorites, shares and comments than images or blogs. Video could be the future of content marketing.   But with so many video sharing websites and apps, it can be hard to choose one for which you’ll focus all of your company’s efforts. That’s why we’ve broken down three of the most popular options: YouTube, Vimeo and Vine.

While it may seem like they all essentially do the same thing, they are quite different from one another.  


Established in 2005, YouTube is recognized for being a popular social media site before social media was even really a thing. With over a billion users, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t at some point accessed YouTube to view concert footage, learn how to assemble furniture, or catch the latest cute cats. Today, it is estimated that hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to the site every second and that four billion videos are watched everyday.   YouTube supports videos that last anywhere from a couple of seconds, to a couple of hours (if you verify your account). While music, makeup, bodybuilding, pets and games are the most popular topics, you can create and post videos on just about anything.   Like Facebook, YouTube’s demographic tends to be huge and all encompassing, including kids, teens, adults and senior citizens.  


Big Reputation: YouTube is the most popular video sharing service. Everyone already knows what it is. With over a billion users from all across the world, it gives business owners a huge audience to work with.  

Owned By Google: Because YouTube is owned by Google, Google will list YouTube’s videos higher in search listings than it will videos shared on other sites.  

Long Average Session Times: While most social media sites have an average session time of only a couple of minutes, YouTube’s average session time lasts about 40. This means that people are spending more time consuming the information they find here.  

Easy To Use: YouTube is designed to be easily accessible to the general population. Just by creating an account, anyone can upload a video to YouTube.


Difficult to Moderate:  While YouTube has a set of guidelines in place, the size of the site makes the rules difficult to enforce. This means your video’s comments can turn ugly pretty fast, and that your video could appear alongside other videos in which your company may not approve.  

Highly Competitive: There are millions of videos on YouTube just of cats alone, so the chances of your video attracting a major following are pretty slim. In addition to competing with other videos in your industry, you may be competing with the site itself. If you’ve ever wasted an afternoon clicking through videos, then you already know that YouTube is designed to keep you on YouTube. Getting viewers off this site and onto yours will be a challenge.  


Described as the “anti-YouTube” Vimeo was founded in 2004, one year prior to its more popular cousin. With 170 million monthly users, it offers something YouTube doesn’t: high quality standards. Let’s just say this isn’t where you’ll find your little brother inhaling purple Pixy Stix. We’re talking some serious film festival level art that “Vimeans” truly appreciate, and the community is small enough to keep that kind of atmosphere in place.   Unlike YouTube, Vimeo does have a specific demographic. It caters mostly to adults between the ages of 20 and 35. It has more male users than female users. Very few teens use Vimeo.  


Targetable Audience: Not only does Vimeo have a narrow target audience to work with, the site’s smaller size means that your hard work won’t just get lost in the abyss.  

A Professional Community: Because Vimeo does have a strict set of standards in place, not only for the quality of the videos but for how their users conduct themselves, businesses may be more inclined to have their videos published here.  


Requires Skills: If you plan to shoot and edit your videos just using your phone, Vimeo may not be the site for you. In order to produce the right level of quality, you’ll either need to hire professionals or have knowledge in production yourself.  

Strict Commercial Guidelines: While businesses are more than welcome on Vimeo, in order to preserve the tone and atmosphere of the site, the hard selling you could get away with on YouTube isn’t going to fly here. Vimeo suggests that videos be timeless in nature and that messages and comments not be used to push products and services or pull users onto your site.  


One of the biggest aspects that sets Vine apart from the other video services is that unlike YouTube or Vimeo which were created as websites, Vine was created as an iOS application. Therefore, its mobile nature is heavily imbedded into its capabilities. Traditionally, a video would be shot with a camera, edited with a software program, and then uploaded onto an unrelated site. Vine brings the shoot, edit and publication to one platform. It also only supports short-length films, as in six seconds or less.   Since its release in 2013, Vine has been used for a variety of purposes. Artists use it to expose consumers to new music. Journalists have used it to document natural disasters. A number of businesses have used it to show off a new product, advertise a new service, create how-to videos, or build a brand.   Vine has around 200 million monthly users. It is particularly popular with teens and millennials.  


Easily Sharable: Unlike the five-minute videos you’d find on either of the other two video sharing sites, a vine’s six-second limit makes it the perfect size to be shared and viewed in its entirety on blogs, websites, and social media.  

User-Friendly: Anyone can download the app onto their phone and start creating vines. No specific knowledge or skills are necessary.  


Time Limit: Videos are limited to six seconds or less. This sets a major restriction on what can be done.  

Production Contained to Application:  While Vine can add some special effects, it’s not like it’s Final Cut Pro. Your shoot and edit is limited to what the application and what your phone can do.        


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