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Whether you’re writing website content, blog posts, an ebook or a newsletter, it’s important that you write for your audience. You’ve probably heard that expression before, but what exactly does it entail?  

To start, the subject of your content should be something that’s relevant to your target market. Related to your target market and relevant to your target market are not the same thing. If your target market is corporate business owners, an article about choosing the best accounting software wouldn’t be the right fit, because a large corporation would likely employ an accountant, and they would be the one to choose the software. You would have to either switch your target market or switch your topic to really hit your mark.  

In addition to your content being in-line with your audience, you should also give word choice some thought. You wouldn’t use a kid’s website to show off your SAT verbal score, and you wouldn’t address doctors as if they didn’t have initials after their names. 

Lastly, pay attention to your tone. Not only should you consider who your customers are, you should think about why they’ve come to your website. What’s their state of mind? While “Check Out Our Sweet Deals!” has a fun, upbeat tone that’s perfectly acceptable at a furniture store, it’s probably not the best approach for a funeral home. Writing for your target audience is all about finding, establishing and growing a connection. The better you know your audience, the stronger that connection will be.


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