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6 Tips to Using YouTube for Your Video Marketing Strategy

With video the new must-have in content creation, it’s no wonder companies choose YouTube to share their productions. The most popular video-sharing website in the world, it has over a billion users and hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded to the site every minute.   While a few individuals and businesses have struck gold (or green) with the social media and video sharing platform, gaining millions of views and making millions of dollars in return, the majority of users will find that cultivating an audience and converting viewers into customers takes a lot of work. It’s not something that happens overnight. To best position your company to have the greatest chances for success, check out these 6 tips:  

Don’t Think of It as Marketing  

The first step to creating a thumbs-up worthy marketing video is to forget that it’s even a marketing video. At least for a little while. You wouldn’t spend 40 minutes (the average amount of time users spend on YouTube) watching commercials unless they had some entertainment value to them. Therefore, you can’t expect your potential viewers to want to sit through advertisements either.   Think about the stuff you like watching on YouTube. The stuff other people like watching on YouTube. The stuff that makes a video go viral. These productions weren’t made to sell a product – they were made to be shared, which in turn, can lead to brand awareness, product interest, subscribers and eventually sales.   Instead of focusing on the end result, focus on creating a quality piece of art people are going to enjoy. If you can do that well, you’ll get what you want out of it.  

Plan Before You Produce  

Whether you’re putting together a three-part series using high-end video cameras, green screens, talented actors and editing programs, or you’re just speaking in front of your laptop’s webcam for a couple of seconds, creating any kind of video is an investment. It could be time. It could be money. It’s probably both. You don’t want to waste any of these things so it’s important that you get your videos done efficiently.   Regardless of how amateur or advanced your videos are, planning your video is an important and necessary part of video development. The more time you take to plan out your vision, the more likely the final product will match it. In addition to identifying the topic you want to tackle, you should consider drafting out a storyboard and/or script. If your video requires a specific setting or collection of props, get those things in order ahead of time. Even videos that seem improvised have some elements of planning behind them. Get a few practice runs in before you shoot.  

Don’t Skimp on Titles & Descriptions  

Here’s where you can go back to thinking of it as a marketing video: Now that your video is filmed, edited and ready to be uploaded, remember to dedicate a few extra moments to dot your i’s and cross your t’s – with a good title. Your title is one of your production’s most crucial components. It needs to be short and compelling, while also incorporating relevant keywords so that the right audience can find it.   Your video’s description is another area for you to pay close attention. It’s an additional opportunity to persuade your potential viewers to click, while again, including relevant keywords so that your target market can find it. Your description shouldn’t be too lengthy; a couple of sentences should suffice. Adding your website’s URL towards the front of your video’s description tends to bring users favorable results.   Don’t forget to fill out the “About” section in your profile. Your viewers will want to learn more about you and your company.  

Do Your Share of the Sharing  

YouTube is massive. Like really massive. Every topic imaginable has been covered, and it has been covered more than once. While the site does its best to help users find new videos and videos similar to those they’ve already watched, its just too big for you to be able to count on the site alone to generate an audience for you. You have to do your part to help it along.   Include your YouTube video on your own website and mention it on social media, in your newsletters, on your blog, and in your podcasts.  

Manage Your Comments Section

How to best handle the comments section of a YouTube video has been a topic of great debate. If you allow users to make comments on your video, you may be opening yourself up to a lot of spam and negative feedback. But if you disable the comments section all together, you’re closing your video off to user engagement and creating the impression that you’re not open to any feedback, regardless of how positive or constructive it may be.   What you don’t want is to be oblivious while your YouTube comments run wild. Your viewers will read the comments others have left, so at very least, you want to be informed of what people are saying.   Responding to comments can increase user-engagement. Viewers know there’s a face on the other side of the video. When responding to negative criticism, don’t try to defend yourself or the video. Remain tactful. Let them know that you’ll take their feedback into consideration and thank them for watching.  

Upload Videos Regularly  

If you already have a blog as part of your content marketing strategy, then you’re already aware that going weeks or months without publishing an article is probably not a smart idea. Your audience may begin to wonder where you are. Your SEO may take a hit. Potential customers may question whether or not you’re still in business. If you plan to launch a video marketing campaign using YouTube, your channel needs to be like your blog and updated regularly.   Decide how frequently you would be capable of uploading a quality video. This could be once a week, once every other week, or once a month (but try not to stretch it out further than this). Then stick to that schedule. If your audience is aware of when new videos appear, they’re more likely to reserve the time to watch it.          


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