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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Website ’s Conversion Rate

Just about every website will struggle with their conversion rate at some point in time. There are plenty of people visiting your site, but for whatever reason, they’re not clicking, they’re not signing up, and they’re not purchasing. For a business owner, this is frustrating at best and detrimental at worst.   Thankfully, there are lots of different things you can do to improve your website conversion rate, and unlike the changes you make to better your SEO that can take weeks or months to show its magic, changes to boost your conversation rate can have an effect overnight. Here are a few suggestions:  

Test Your Titles & Headlines  

If you didn’t give your titles or headlines a lot of thought when building your website, or if you haven’t changed them since 2008, now’s the time to give them a second look. Your headlines should be around 5-10 words. They should use strong, powerful language. Even the smallest changes in a headline (we’re talking swapping out a single word for another) can make a surprisingly substantial difference in your site’s conversion rate.   How do you know what needs to change and what should stay the same? A/B testing (also known as split testing) can provide you with quick, accurate results. With A/B testing, you can have two versions of your website up and running, each with a different headline, to determine which one is more effective. Continuous testing can weed out the so-so headlines and leave you with the strongest, most profitable ones.  

Have A Clear Call To Action  

A highly visible, well-placed, and direct call to action is probably more important than you think. But won’t they know I want them to call me for a quote? The short answer is, no. Your website viewers need you to tell them what to do. They need you to persuade them. Besides, without having a clear call to action, against what can you measure your success?   You should give some thought on how you plan to funnel your website viewers from awareness, to interest, to sale, to loyal customer, as well as which stage your viewers are going to be on each page of your site. This will affect the types of calls to action you use and where. You want to pair your calls to action with your viewers’ mindset while gently leading them closer to your shopping cart or contact page.  

Nudge with Reviews, Case Studies & Testimonials  

How many times have you found yourself shopping online, and then just before you pull out your credit card, you think to yourself, what if this doesn’t actually work? What if this isn’t really what I want? What if I can find this cheaper somewhere else? You exit the site and continue with your day. The website was not able to make the conversion from website viewer to customer.   Adding things like reviews, case studies and testimonials to your site can help reduce the number of instances where this happens. By having other clients or customers provide positive feedback, or by showing proof that what you’re offering really works, you can give your viewers some assurance. They feel more confident moving forward with the transaction knowing that you come recommended.  

Give Some Suggestions  

In addition to getting cold feet, your potential customers may also back out when they’re given too many options. If you're a company that offers a lot of similar products or a lot of bundled packages at different price points, they may struggle with identifying what’s going to be the right choice for them, and in turn, choose nothing.   You can prevent your website viewers from getting overwhelmed by making a few suggestions for them. Label the item that’s most popular, the item that provides the highest value, the item that’s best for individuals, or the item that’s best for businesses. By “doing the math” for them, they don’t have to do it themselves. You’re doing all the tough stuff. They just have to know what they value when purchasing a product and then click “add to cart.”  

Make What’s Mandatory, Optional  

We went over how your website viewers can be skeptical of your services. We also went over how they can be overwhelmed and indecisive when given too many options. On top of these characteristics, your website viewers can also be in a hurry or just a little bit lazy. You want my name, address, phone number, email, favorite color, SAT score, and dog’s name? Forget it. Of course it would be helpful to have all that information about your customers, but do you really need it? Is having that data worth losing potential sales?  I have to set up an account before I can make a purchase? Thanks, but no thanks.   The more steps you require before a transaction is made, the less likely you are to make the transaction. You should make purchasing your products and services the easiest thing to do in the world. Make things like account registration optional. Don’t let pop-up ads, surveys, or a bonus call to action get in the way of you sealing the deal.  

Revise Your PPC Strategy  

Have you noticed a large number of viewers leave your website as soon as they arrive? In some cases, conversion rates suffer because the people who stumble onto your site aren’t your target market to begin with. They have no interest in your products and services so there’s little chance of you keeping them on your site let alone converting them into a sale. This sometimes happens when there’s an issue with PPC advertising.   Check that you’re pinpointing the right demographic, that you’re using the right keywords, and that you’re not somehow falsely portraying the products and services your company provides. Never purposefully try to lead viewers to your site under false pretenses – you’ll drain your marketing budget without having anything to show for it.  


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