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Choosing The Right Color Scheme For Your Website


Selecting the right color scheme for your website is something that requires a little time and a little thought. There are a number of factors to consider, starting with whether or not you need to match something that’s already in existence. If you already have a logo, a blog that’s doing well, or a brand that’s already been developed, you probably want to pick a color scheme that aligns with it.


You should also factor in the mood you want your website viewers to feel. Psychological studies on color tell us that different shades often persuade people to feel different emotions: Yellow = Optimism, Red = Energy, Green = Growth, Grey = Neutrality, Black = Sophistication.


When choosing combinations, you generally want to stick to just two or three colors. Use the 60-30-10 rule when deciding on proportions. Your third color should really only be used as an accent. With that being said, you can use different shades of those three colors.


While some color combinations look tasteful, others…not so much. Without having an eye for color, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what looks good and what doesn’t. (Hint: If you struggle reading the text against your background, that’s a sure sign there’s an issue with your color combination.) You can find rich color schemes by looking at what other websites use, by skimming through interior design catalogs, or by playing with color palates on sites like Coolors, COLOURlovers, or Paletton.