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Having your own blog is currently one of the most highly-recommended internet marketing strategies. In addition to leading potential customers and clients to your website, you’re establishing your company as knowledgeable and reputable while boosting your SEO. Not bad for 800-1200 words!   But in addition to penning articles for your own website, you should consider writing articles for other websites as well – in other words, guest blogging. As a guest blogger, your name and company’s name will appear at the beginning or end of the article. This offers a whole new set of advantages that blogging for your own site does not.  

The Benefits of Guest Blogging  

New Audience: Let’s say you’re a country singer. You’re only going to be able to perform weekly concerts in your hometown so many times before some people start feeling like they’ve seen this show before. In order to keep your ticket sales high, you have to start performing at other nearby cities and towns. Blogging works the same way. If you feel like your usual audience is tapped out, guest blogging puts your expertise in front of a new group of people who haven’t heard of your company before. This can lead to new readers, new customers and new clients.  

More Web Traffic: Guest writing for a blog can increase web traffic for both you and the blog’s owner. Here’s how: readers of the blog will jump over to check out your webpage, and regular followers of yours will become new visitors of the blog you are appearing on. It’s a win-win scenario. Everyone gets a bump in readership.  

Link Building: Depending on the quality of your post and the type of site where it appears, guest blogging can also have the potential to boost your SEO. Including a link to your website as part of your bio could help with link building.  

It’s Free: While there are still ways to advertise for free, they are becoming less common. Even social media doesn’t make it easy anymore. Fortunately, guest blogging remains a great way for you to promote your business without having to spend a dime. All it requires is your time.  

Why Are Some People Anti-Guest Blogging?   

It’s Time-Consuming: If you’re crafting quality articles, then you know blogging for your own website takes up quite a bit of time. Guest blogging requires even more. In addition to spending time identifying which websites make the most sense for you to guest blog, you may also have to submit a pitch letter to an editor or owner outlining your article ideas before you’re approved to write the thing. You might be waiting weeks before you hear an answer. After submission, you may have to take part in a revision process, making edits where suggested. You’ll also have to write and submit a bio to go along with the piece. For some, this just seems like too much work.  

You Don’t Own The Copyrights: Unless you work out some kind of deal with the website owner, generally the website will own the copyrights to your article. This means that there will be some limitations with what you can do after it’s published. You may not be able to publish it on your own website, on another website, or in a book down the line. No, you won’t be able to just rearrange the content, substitute a few words, or change a line or two. If you write on the topic again for your site or another’s, the content needs to be different. Some people just aren’t comfortable with someone else owning any of their content.  

It Can Potentially Hurt Your SEO: There was a point in time where anyone could publish anything on generic guest blog sites and watch their site rankings rise. But because this content wasn’t being regulated, it often wasn’t very good. Now search engines are a lot stricter with what types of guest posts will help your SEO and what posts will hurt it. For some business owners, they don’t even want to take the chance.  

Tips For Making Guest Blogging Worthwhile    

Choose A Reputable Site: If you’re going to guest blog, you may as well get the most out of it.   That starts with choosing a reputable site. If having a guest post accepted is as easy as typing it up in a form and clicking “submit,” it’s probably not a reputable site. You want to find popular, well-established websites with a loyal blog following. You want to be in contact with an editor or website owner that implements a high set of standards.  

Choose A Site That Makes Sense: The closer a blog’s audience mirrors your own website audience, the more likely you are to reap the benefits of guest blogging. That’s why you should only guest post for blogs that have a narrow subject and are related to your industry.  

Do Your Research: Not all blogs feature guest bloggers. Those that do are likely to have directions for expressing interest as well as guidelines the articles need to follow. Nothing will irritate the site’s editor or owner more than people who don’t take the time to review this information and follow the appropriate steps. If their website says they want a pitch letter, send a pitch letter. If it says to wait two weeks for a response, then wait two weeks for a response. You should also review the topics that have been previously published. Look at their title, format, tone, and style. This will help you to produce the type of content the editor or website owner is looking for.  

Promote Your Article: Don’t leave it up to the blog’s owner to spread the word about your post. You should find ways to mention it on social media and more than once. Remember that guest blogging is a two-way street: you dip into the blog’s audience pool, but they get to dip into yours as well.  

Don’t Overdo It: It’s nice for a blog to feature a guest poster every once in a while. But as you already know, guests can sometimes overstay their welcome. A guest blogger is not a regular contributor nor are they a part of the editorial staff. Try to limit your guest blogging to once or twice a year per website. If an editor agrees to one piece but not to subsequent pieces, don't take it personally. They need to make the best decisions for their site.


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