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A Small Orange Partners with Trees For The Future to help plant 4 million trees

Catching up with Captain Planet today to save tomorrow ' s resources now!

Catch up on Captain Planet It may be a kids’ cartoon from the early ‘90s, but those Planeteers weren’t messing around when it comes to major global issues like overconsumption, poor sanitation, and pollution.


Make an Eco-Friendly Meal snappa_1461008494

  Gather guests for an earth-friendly feast of fresh-grown fruits and vegetables, local meats and cheeses, and none of that paper plate business. You’re gonna’ need your good dishes for this!  

Or Bake This Earth Cake

Some Betty Crocker pound cake mix, frosting, food coloring, chocolate rocks and a big ol’ bag of patience are all you need to make this totally awesome earth cake.  

Carpool to Work

  snappa_1461009842 Not only does catching a ride with coworkers help reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, it saves money on gas and it gives you a chance to make new friends!  

Sport Green Ink

These fun Earth Day tattoos may be temporary, but your love for saving the planet will last forever.    


Get in Touch with Mother Nature


Swap your smartphone for a pair of sneakers and head out into the wilderness. Bonus points if you pack water in a reusable container.  

Strut in Style

Spread the word that reusing, recycling, restoring and replenishing is the cool thing to do when you’re wearing one of these fashionable Earth Day t-shirts!  

Make Friends with Furry Animals

  snappa_1461013203 Volunteer your time at a local wildlife refuge or animal shelter. If you don’t have a local wildlife refuge or animal shelter, maybe you can just take your dog for a nice walk.  

Grow Your Own Spices 

You’ll never run out of thyme… or basil, or mint or parsley when you buy this unique GrowBottle, made from a repurposed wine bottle. How resourceful!  


Buy a Hosting Plan from A Small Orange


Throughout our Earth Day promotion, we will be giving 50% off of hosting plans and donating 10 trees for every plan purchased just use the code: EARTHDAY. You can have a sweet website and help save the planet! Find the hosting plan that’s right for you!  



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