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As part of our homegrown approach to web hosting, it is important that we are honest and transparent with our customers whenever possible. That’s why we were pleased to see that last week the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence issued a joint statement announcing new and more flexible reporting methods for national … Continue reading »

If you are a Cloud VPS customer on one of our Cloud VPS plans with 768 MB of RAM or less, you got a nice email from us earlier today: Hi <cool customer>, We just wanted to let you know that we’ve gone ahead and upgraded the RAM allocation on your A Small Orange Cloud … Continue reading »

I feel like I’ve recently gotten a chance to know a fellow by the name of Robert Roscoe. Robert is the founder of a company called That’s Great News, which as far as I can tell, makes plaques and similar paraphernalia that people can put up all over their office to brag about themselves and … Continue reading »

“The Setup” is a new series of blog posts where we highlight the various software and tech tools that our team members use to excel in their roles at A Small Orange. With each post, a different team member will share the hardware and software tools that they use during their work week. Not only … Continue reading »

This year’s Dallas Drupal Days was July 8th – 9th, 2011 on the UT Dallas campus in the School of Management building. Serendipity must have been at play because my freshmen year of college I attended UT Dallas. It has been over ten years since I’ve been to their campus and much has improved. I … Continue reading »

I’m going to admit what a lot of web hosting company CEOs are hesitant to admit for fear that it’ll cause an apocalypse or something; web hosting is a commodity product. From a technical point of view, what we offer is very similar to what our competitors offer. Sure, we have some things that make … Continue reading »

We launched our Proactive Support add-on a couple of months ago and it’s been pretty popular. However, we wanted to share some more information about what Proactive Support is and who it’s intended for. First, though a little background: Most customer service is reactive. When you have a problem, you contact the support department and … Continue reading »

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Hey All! We are having a contest for iTunes (5 – $10 cards), Subway (1 – $10 card), & Regal Cinemas (3 – $10 cards) gift cards. How does one win? – Contest is based on speed & accuracy. – At 3pm CST today (July 18th 2011) we are going to post a question to … Continue reading »

We’ve all experienced it. You work your butt off the week before you go on vacation inhopes of minimizing mid-vacation interruptions. We set our away messages: “Sorry, I will be out of the office until… If this is a emergency, please contact so-and-so.” Our true voice might sound like this: “Woo hoo! I can’t believe … Continue reading »



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