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There is a little blue smiley face in your cPanel, with a name underneath it: “Fantastico”. It’s possible that many of you never click on it because the smiley face and the name really don’t tell you what on earth it is. Those of you that do know what it is sometimes don’t have a … Continue reading »

Social Media Revolution We talk about Facebook, Twitter, and other social media on this blog a bit and have mentioned its become practically expected that any business, large or small, will have a social media presence and will engage with its audience, clients, and customers. This is a change we’ve witnessed ourselves since we opened … Continue reading »

As website owners, you need to understand quite a few terms and circumstances if you want to be successful. Understanding these terms allows you to incorporate changes in your website to correct flaws, or to modify existing pages in order to draw more traffic (as well as to encourage successful conversion rates). Part of your … Continue reading »

When doing a site redesign, I made a discovery – while our spiffy Javascript fly out menu was awesome in that it could be used across multiple servers, it was cross-compatible, and the code could load once no matter where you traveled making it pretty fast once you cached it, crawlers couldn’t see the darn … Continue reading »

Because WordPress is often installed from Fantastico, lots of people never make it to the actual WordPress site. WordPress has some fantastic information on their site, fantastic information that a lot of people never even see. One of the most important pages on the whole site is: http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress For our third installment in the series, … Continue reading »

A few days ago we told you about the WordPress hacks, and how to secure your wp-config’s permissions. As we went to post the article in our own WordPress, we saw a post from WordPress in the little Dev Blog window. Boy, Matt from WordPress is ma-aa-ad… He begins… Summary: A web host had a … Continue reading »

Yesterday, we tweeted about a mass WordPress hack that took place on WordPress users that hosted their site with Network Solutions. It’s been reported in a number of places, with the most comprehensive overview in the KrebsonSecurity blog, as well as  the Sucuri Security Labs blog. Brian Krebs states: It seems there are multiple culprits … Continue reading »

written by guest blogger Michael Collins Blogging is a pretty simple activity: you just write and, hopefully, you’ll get read. But how can you turn being read into being paid? Various strategies exist, from affiliate marketing (Amazon.com and iTunes both have affiliate programs that are relatively easy to implement) to pay-per-click advertising (such as the … Continue reading »

There was quite a discussion on our blog about the murmur and chatter about whether Google would truly begin ranking sites using speed as a basis for higher and lower rankings, with one of our clients feeling that until there was a definitive statement from Google one way or another it was all just speculation, … Continue reading »

If you’re wondering if we’re just looking for cool F-words that we can use in a goofy way along with the cheesy cow on Friday, you would be right. Frangible is an adjective, and it means “capable of being broken.” In this case, what’s capable of being broken is your website. Yes, your web host … Continue reading »



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