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It seems almost overwhelming, the sheer amount of garbage that attempts to get to you through your inbox. It may be trying to sell you Viagra, concert tickets, ripped software, or turn your computer into a soldier in the latest botnet, but all spam has two things in common. You didn’t ask for it. You … Continue reading “Preventing and Stopping Spam: Email”

It’s impossible. Just give up. OK, not really. But it is difficult – spammers have become far more adept at slipping spam into your mailbox, on your blog, into your forum, on Facebook, on Twitter, on MySpace… There is rarely anywhere you can go on the Internet that is immune from the threat of spam. … Continue reading “Preventing and Stopping Spam”

By now, most people that have web sites are familiar with the concept of open source software which is created collaboratively and able to be used and modified by you. What you may not be aware of is that there is a site that contains open source web site design templates that are downloadable and … Continue reading “Get a free web site design with OpenDesigns.org”

We know we’re not supposed to talk about other hosting companies as another hosting company being mentioned is kinda like the subway’s third rail, but occasionally we come across impressive services by other reputable hosts that are useful to anyone on any host anywhere. SiteAutoBackup.com is one of those services. SiteAutoBackup.com is a service by … Continue reading “SiteAutoBackup Gives You a Free Backup Account”

There are Terms of Service all over the Internet – they govern everything. They govern web hosting, mobile phone plans, bulletin board sites. You name it, and it probably has a term of service if its on the net. If you offer a service, you should have terms because its just a good idea to … Continue reading “A Free Terms of Service Generator for Your Online Site”

With the highly competitive internet market, a fledgling online business should adopt multiple and different advertising methods to promote itself to their online audience. Fledging online businesses, though, are not generally flush with cash, assume they can’t market effectively, and give up soon after launching if their audience doesn’t find them. Unfortunately, they are right … Continue reading “8 Ways to Market Your Online Business (without breaking the bank or cheating)”

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