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Preventing and Stopping Spam: Forums

Three of the most popular forums are PHPBB, SMF, and VBulletin. VBulletin comes with a hefty fee so generally people running hobby forums will be using SMF and PHPBB since they’re open source and come at no cost to use. … Continue reading

Preventing and Stopping Spam: Comments on Blogs

Ah, comment spam. Originally, comment spam was pretty darn effective. Google and other search engines ranked how many sites linked to another site to decide how valuable that site is. Spammers took advantage of the open nature of blog commenting … Continue reading

Friday Round Up: Cool Data in Pictures

Visual Economics is this really cool web site that takes complex data and turns it into nifty pictures so that the rest of us can comprehend all the numbers that the eggheads spew out. They have some really neat ones … Continue reading

Preventing and Stopping Spam: Email

It seems almost overwhelming, the sheer amount of garbage that attempts to get to you through your inbox. It may be trying to sell you Viagra, concert tickets, ripped software, or turn your computer into a soldier in the latest … Continue reading

Preventing and Stopping Spam

It’s impossible. Just give up. OK, not really. But it is difficult – spammers have become far more adept at slipping spam into your mailbox, on your blog, into your forum, on Facebook, on Twitter, on MySpace… There is rarely … Continue reading