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Jen is the Director of Customer Service at A Small Orange. She lives and works in Austin, TX.

A Small Orange Discontinuing BoxTrapper

BoxTrapper is an application included with cPanel that filters spam by requiring would-be senders to reply to a verification email (also known as challenge-response verification). Only after the sender is verified through the reply will his or her original email … Continue reading

Emergency Ruby on Rails Upgrade Information

A recent security issue affecting the Rails component of the Ruby-on-Rails open source web application framework has prompted the immediate upgrade of the Rails stack on all our shared and reseller servers. This upgrade addresses the existing security issue, linked … Continue reading

The Launch of the i2Coalition

Last year, the Internet as a whole was alarmed at the “Stop Online Piracy Act”. Information was shared, discussions were had, and the concern culminated in an incredible Internet-wide blackout of content that included participants such as Google and Wikipedia. … Continue reading

Orange You Glad We’re Not GoDaddy? ASO’s stand on #sopa

Recently, a customer in our forum asked what ASO’s stance on SOPA was. For those who are unaware, SOPA is short for the “Stop Online Piracy Act”, a proposed piece of legislation that could dramatically change the Internet and your … Continue reading

Core Value #3: Quality

In our ongoing blog series (that I affectionately think of in my head as “What the heck those ASO values really mean, explained”), today’s post brings us to our value #3 – Quality. According to Wikipedia, quality in business means: … Continue reading