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Starting Your E-Commerce Store: Building A Better Shopping Cart

This is our third installment in the “Starting Your E-Commerce Store” series. Check out the intro here, and part two (on payment gateways and merchant accounts) here. When you go to the grocery store, you follow a pretty simple procedure. … Continue reading

Starting Your E-Commerce Store: Choosing a Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

Here’s the second post in our “Starting Your E-Commerce Store” series. Read the intro here. Most shopping experiences are pretty unique. You go to different kinds of stores, with different objectives. Sometimes you just need some milk and eggs. Other … Continue reading

Starting Your E-Commerce Store

Photo by Lyza Danger When you decide to create an e-commerce store, there are about a thousand first steps you can make. Maybe you should figure out your payment and shipping arrangements before you do anything else. Or perhaps you … Continue reading

How To Read Google Analytics

Photo by Clément G If you’ve installed the Google Analytics tracking code on your web site, you already have one the most powerful analytics tools out there collecting data on your behalf. Every time you log in to your analytics … Continue reading

Migrating from Weebly to WordPress

Photo by Mike Baird When you landed on Weebly’s home page a few years ago, it seemed like a dream come true. After months of debating whether and how to start a website that would be taken seriously by your … Continue reading