Martin Johnson | Blogging, Small Business, Web Design & Hosting Tips - A Small Orange - Part 4

Photo by Clément G If you’ve installed the Google Analytics tracking code on your web site, you already have one the most powerful analytics tools out there collecting data on your behalf. Every time you log in to your analytics account, you see reams of new information, colorful graphics displaying information about your site visitors. … Continue reading “How To Read Google Analytics”

Photo by Mike Baird When you landed on Weebly’s home page a few years ago, it seemed like a dream come true. After months of debating whether and how to start a website that would be taken seriously by your colleagues and customers, you found a fast, easy solution to your problems. With a drop-and-drag … Continue reading “Migrating from Weebly to WordPress”

Photo by Katie Hunt The hour is nigh. Google Reader, the RSS reader that quickly became the default for many blog readers and writers, is being discontinued as of midnight tonight. While there have been many, many articles written recently about what to do next, including one that appeared in this space recently, most focus … Continue reading “Leaving Google Reader: Five Paths Forward”

When Google Reader dies an untimely death on July 1, many of its loyal users will move to one of the many web-based and app-based RSS readers that have been created, or perfected, in response to the sudden opening up of a category that Google had long dominated. While we don’t doubt that these replacement … Continue reading “After Google Reader: Moving Beyond the Blog”

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