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The History of GNU Linux and Modern Confusion

Technorati Tags: linux,GNU,open source The Linux operating system has come a long way in a short period of time, working its way up from a mere curiosity to a real player on the world stage. As more and more businesses … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: The Coconut Carrying Octopus

Between all the staff, we could probably open up a zoo and have at least 6-8 species represented – of course, the animals would consider that “work” and none of them would agree to do it because all of our … Continue reading

If you say SEO and Dedicated IP one more time…

Banter – Jen rants on the prevalent misconception that Dedicated IP addresses on shared servers will make your site faster, up your Google Page Rank, and do your laundry for all for just $5 a month. Continue reading

The Green Hosting Scam?

Web Hosting Show calls Green Hosting a scam. DrakNet responds. Continue reading