Hosting Tips | Blogging, Small Business, Web Design & Hosting Tips - A Small Orange - Part 2

  I bet you’ve seen this warning at the top of your WordPress dashboard before. It’s easy to ignore, but there are several really important reasons NOT to ignore it. WordPress, just like any other software on your computer, needs to be updated regularly. Unlike most software and programs though, WordPress is open source. Many … Continue reading »

Here’s the third installment of our “Getting Started With Ubuntu” series. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here.  GNU/Linux is a fantastically secure Operating System (given many of the alternatives). However, like any security measure, it is only as strong as the humans operating and administering it. What use is the world’s strongest … Continue reading »

If you’re reading this article, you are likely aware of the benefits of maintaining backups for your website. If you happened to stumble upon this, please take note; A successful backup can save hours, weeks, or months of work. With larger deployments, a successful backup can save years of work from disaster. It doesn’t stop … Continue reading »

In our last post, we discussed 5 different ways your website can be made vulnerable to security attacks. In this post we’ll discuss the negative effects of a security breach, and give some tips on how to protect your site going forward.  1. What can happen if a website is not secured: If your site … Continue reading »

No one likes to be inconvenienced by website security issues. It eats away at productivity, patience, and profit. In part one of this 2-part series, we’ll look at 5 common issues behind what can make your website susceptible to security attacks. In part two, we’ll look at negative effects of not maintaining a secure site, … Continue reading »

Are You Prepared for IPv6? Relax, you probably are – you just don’t know it. Even though this might sound like the latest pandemic, surviving IPv6 won’t require a single inoculation or even a booster shot. Why are we even talking about IPv6? If you haven’t heard, the last bundle of web addresses was doled … Continue reading »

PHP is the most popular and widely used server side scripting language in the world. Why do developers seem to be so fond of PHP?

For non-ecommerce sites, one of the best simple CMS’s out there is WordPress. Yes, WordPress is the most popular blog software out there – but in reality, it does a whole lot more. Setting WordPress to Serve a Static Page Once you’ve installed WordPress from Fantastico or Softaculous, you log in to your dashboard (wp-admin) … Continue reading »

Joomla is an awesome CMS and lots of people use it. It’s also one of the most commonly exploited pieces of software we see. Securing Joomla can be a chore, and telling you how to do it completely is beyond the scope of one single blog post – but like WordPress, one of the most … Continue reading »

Most web hosting companies won’t tell you about this little tool, and we are – which likely makes us either totally confident, or totally crazy. is a site that offers stress testing for sites with a graphical output so that you can see how your site handles simultaneous connections from a number of visitors. … Continue reading »



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