Technology | Blogging, Small Business, Web Design & Hosting Tips - A Small Orange - Part 2

 How can you get your website to score high in search engine listings? Where your page ranks is dependent on a whole host of criteria, like your use of keywords, your frequency of updates, whether or not your site is mobile friendly, and the length of time it takes for your site to load.   … Continue reading “How To Use Link Building (The Right Way) To Boost Your SEO”

 As you’re shopping around for a web hosting company or just setting up your site, you may come across the term “SSL Certificate.” What is an SSL Certificate and is it something you really need?   A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate, which is also sometimes called a digital certificate, encrypts data as its being … Continue reading “Do I Need An SSL Certificate?”

Having your own blog is currently one of the most highly-recommended internet marketing strategies. In addition to leading potential customers and clients to your website, you’re establishing your company as knowledgeable and reputable while boosting your SEO. Not bad for 800-1200 words!   But in addition to penning articles for your own website, you should … Continue reading “How To Make Guest Blogging Worth It”

The fourth most popular social media site after Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Pinterest can be a great platform for your small business to share information, advertise products and services, promote blog posts, and gain a few new customers. If you haven’t already experienced the joy of “pinning” for personal reasons, Pinterest allows you to create … Continue reading “Pinterest For Your Small Business: Tips for Getting Started”

The internet is an incredibly useful tool for business, entertainment, storing and finding information, and many other tasks. However, the unfortunate reality of using the internet are the security risks it brings. It’s very easy to run into someone interested in stealing your money or identity. Worse, they end up infecting your computer with a … Continue reading “Online Security Training – For Free”

Many companies start the year by planning new strategies and different tactics for increasing their customer base. Regardless how your business is planning on winning over new customers, it is critical that your company’s site is running well and capable of handling the increased traffic load before you start a new campaign. After all, the … Continue reading “How to Ensure Your Website Will Actually Work”

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