Web Hosting Blog at ASO | Hosting Tips to Advance your Website - Part 3

Catch up on Captain Planet It may be a kids’ cartoon from the early ‘90s, but those Planeteers weren’t messing around when it comes to major global issues like overconsumption, poor sanitation, and pollution. Make an Eco-Friendly Meal   Gather guests for an earth-friendly feast of fresh-grown fruits and vegetables, local meats and cheeses, and … Continue reading “Catching up with Captain Planet today to save tomorrow’s resources now!”

  Sometimes you don’t need fancy organizational tools. Sometimes customization is just an extra step you don’t feel like taking. Sometimes you just want a program that’s extraordinarily simple and doesn’t require a complicated setup or include a long list of preferences. You just want something that works. Something you can start using right away. … Continue reading “Tomboy Can Organize Your Life”

Before starting your new website or blog, it’s important for you to choose a domain name that is going to stand the test of time. Once you register a domain name for your site and start uploading content, it’s not only very tough to change the domain and redirect all of your content, it’s also a … Continue reading “Want to Learn More About How to Pick a Great Domain Name for Your Site?”

  Getting your blog or business website in front of the right audience can be time consuming and expensive, so when there’s a free advertising opportunity, it only makes sense to take it. While many businesses today have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube account, not many people know about or understand the marketing potential … Continue reading “Using SlideShare to Market Your Business Or Blog”

  Tomorrow may be April Fools’ Day, but we promise we’re not fooling anyone with these weird internet facts:   1 . Thanks to a private telecommunications company called Ncell, you can now access high speed internet while climbing Mount Everest.   2. Inspiration for the first webcam came from the University of Cambridge. The grainy, black … Continue reading “Top 10 Internet Facts So Weird, You’d Think We Made Them Up”

 Just about every website will struggle with their conversion rate at some point in time. There are plenty of people visiting your site, but for whatever reason, they’re not clicking, they’re not signing up, and they’re not purchasing. For a business owner, this is frustrating at best and detrimental at worst.   Thankfully, there are … Continue reading “6 Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate”

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