Web Hosting Blog at ASO | Hosting Tips to Advance your Website - Part 5

  Tomorrow may be April Fools’ Day, but we promise we’re not fooling anyone with these weird internet facts:   1 . Thanks to a private telecommunications company called Ncell, you can now access high speed internet while climbing Mount Everest.   2. Inspiration for the first webcam came from the University of Cambridge. The grainy, black … Continue reading “Top 10 Internet Facts So Weird, You’d Think We Made Them Up”

 Just about every website will struggle with their conversion rate at some point in time. There are plenty of people visiting your site, but for whatever reason, they’re not clicking, they’re not signing up, and they’re not purchasing. For a business owner, this is frustrating at best and detrimental at worst.   Thankfully, there are … Continue reading “6 Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate”

  Social media has ultimately revolutionized how we live our lives: the way we keep in touch with friends and family, the way we express our thoughts and feelings, the way we search for jobs and the way we shop for products. It’s changed how businesses build their brand, market their services, provide customer care … Continue reading “How eXo Platform Keeps Your Business Community Connected”

    With video the new must-have in content creation, it’s no wonder companies choose YouTube to share their productions. The most popular video-sharing website in the world, it has over a billion users and hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded to the site every minute.   While a few individuals and businesses have struck … Continue reading “6 Tips to Using YouTube for Your Video Marketing Strategy”

  Logos aren’t just for businesses. They can be used for blogs, too. Or any other website for that matter. A unique symbol or design that represents an organization, logos are definitely worth the investment. Not only do they demonstrate your site’s legitimacy, they help with branding, recognition, and memorability.   When developing your logo, … Continue reading “What’s in a Logo?”

Here at A Small Orange, we pride ourselves on creating hosting that’s “homegrown” — from our in-house technologies to our team’s family vibe. Recently, a few of our integral team members recently spoke with the team at HostingAdvice.com to discuss the strengths and stories behind our unique hosting ideology.   A Small Orange Talks With … Continue reading “A Small Orange Team & Technology Featured on HostingAdvice.com”

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