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Finding a decent web designer or developer is a monumental task, and finding a designer or developer that you can trust more so. Hiring someone to work with you is often an excellent idea if …
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DrakNet’s list of recommended free stuff in case you really can’t do everything that you want through your browser.

Reseller Series – do you accept all comers, or are you going to be more discriminating as far as who you install? Instant sign ups, or eye balling each order? Decide on that before you decide on a billing system.



Banter – Jen rants on the prevalent misconception that Dedicated IP addresses on shared servers will make your site faster, up your Google Page Rank, and do your laundry for all for just $5 a month.

The third Post in Our Intro to Reselling Series – taking your clients money, and the start up costs for setting yourself up as a business that can accept payments.

Introduction to Reselling, Part 2 – Fly by the seat of your pants or approach it like it’s a start up?

Information on the World Community Grid, and an invitation to join the team.

An introduction to reselling, part 1. How does a web hosting company become a web hosting company, anyway?

Security tips regarding server logins.

Lots of people that sign up never bother to read the Terms of Service. We know this – we also know, as you do, that you’re bound by it whether you read it or not. …
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