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No one likes to be inconvenienced by website security issues. It eats away at productivity, patience, and profit. In part one of this 2-part series, we’ll look at 5 common issues behind what can make …
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In January, Google announced a new service called Measurement Lab that has a number of tools that can help you diagnose problems with your ISP connection. Occasionally, people have connection problems to the servers and …
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Since we changed using cPanel logins and made them unable to be used as FTP, it has come to our attention that this is confusing the heck out of ya’all. So, let’s go over this …
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So, what is “open source” software? For the average person not “in the industry”, open source software means is its free. Open Source actually means a lot more than that. From The Open Source Initiative …
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DrakNet’s list of recommended free stuff in case you really can’t do everything that you want through your browser.

Security tips regarding server logins.

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